Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 11 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 11 Part 1

It’s Nuannuan: Then you sing first.

After she sent the message, Xiang Nuan reprimanded herself: Why did
you respond so quickly! Can’t you even act a little bit disinterested!

Their QQ voice chat was still on, Chuyan responded, “Which song?”

“I can even have a request?”

“Not necessary. It depends on whether I know the song.”

Xiang Nuan couldn’t think of a song for him to sing. So instead she said,
“Sing the song you’re best at.”

“There are a lot of songs that I can sing well.”

Hehehe, he really wasn’t modest -- --

Xiang Nuan had a good idea, “Take a look at the playlist of the songs you’re
listening to right now, sing whichever song it’s at right now.”

“En.” Chuyan paused, probably checking his playlist,
“<The Brightest Star in the Night Sky>.”

Xiang Nuan had heard the song before, it was a beautiful song. It was
originally sung by an obscure band. But the song went viral and has since
been covered by many singers. Xiang Nuan, however, felt the original
version was the best one.

“I know how to sing this one.” Chuyan said, “Now raise your ears.”

Xiang Nuan complained, “I’m not a rabbit.”

Chuyan began singing.

There was no accompaniment, only his voice flowing through earphones.
He seemed to have purposely lowered his voice so he wouldn’t bother
other people.

“The brightest star in the night sky, can you hear clearly
The solitude and sighing on the bottom of the heart of that person who
looks up at you

He started singing without any warning and caught Xiang Nuan off guard.
But after he had sang a few lines, her attention was completely focused
on the song.

It was amazing.

“I pray for a transparent soul and eyes that know how to shed tears
Give me the courage to believe again and cross the lies to embrace you

The original singer sang with great candidness; after going through much
turmoil in his life, he still stayed true to his original heart. It exposed the
sincerity that could be found at the bottom of humanity.

From where she was, Chuyan’s clear voice was a great match for this song.

However, his singing was in another style.

Perhaps it was because he lacked the life experience, or maybe there was
no accompaniment to the vocals, or it was simply because he wasn’t a
professional singer. In any case, he sang quite casually, almost like he was
muttering. There wasn’t the quiet vigor like the original. His was more like a
patient, gentle whisper. Every word was clear and echoed in her ears. She
could even imagine with her eyes closed the expression he wore as he sang:
a quiet and sincere face with a hint of laughter in his eyes.

The original gave the sense of someone walking all alone in a blizzard night,
looking up to the sky on an empty street.

Hearing Chuyan sing, it was like walking in a snowy night alone, rubbing
hands, and seeing a tea shop with lights on when one turned the corner.

Seeing such a sight would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

When he finished singing, she was still enjoying the lingering pleasure
of the song.

Chuyan: “Go buy Zhang Fei.”

Xiang Nuan: “......” Could he not spoil the moment!

Xiang Nuan used her own money to buy Zhang Fei and returned all the
red envelopes back to Chuyan.

It’s Nuannuan: [red envelopes]

It’s Nuannuan: Good singing. Do it again~

Lin Chuyan stared at the ~ at the end of her sentence and felt like she
was flirting with him.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.