Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Those Sweet Times - Chapter 9 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 9 Part 3

There was a bus route between the main campus of the Nanshan University
and its Yuanchi campus that took an hour.  To save time, Shen Zemu waved
down a taxi. Xiang Nuan wanted to share the taxi fare after they got off,
Shen Zemu waved his hand back and forth. “You’re here to help me today,
I’ll pay for it.”

Xiang Nuan mustered up the courage to go one step further, “Then will you
also buy me lunch?”

Shen Zemu chuckled, “Sure.”

Xiang Nuan felt as if she was flying.

They walked towards the library. There was a small area next to the library
that was specifically reserved for student clubs to use.  It was the part of campus
that had the most foot traffic, a prime location for clubs to attract attention.

As she was walking, she pulled off a branch with green leaves from a tree by
the roadside. It was rare to find a tree with green leaves still. She happily put
the branch between her teeth and smiled.

In Kings of Glory, the champion Li Bai had a branch dangling from his mouth.

Xiang Nuan’s eyes weren’t typical almond eyes; her eyelashes were thick and
curved up and the outer corner of her eyes were long and slightly slanted. When
she smiled, the outer corner of her eyes would raise a bit, making her eyes even
more bright and witty.

When Shen Zemu saw her smiling with the branch, with the early morning sunlight
dancing on her forehead through the leaves, it reminded him of lines from two
different poems:

In my younger days, flamboyant and on a dashing horse, I have seen all the flowers
in Changan in one day.

Then he thought: It was quite fitting for her to pull her hair up.

Xiang Nuan didn’t know that Shen Zemu was observing her. She felt that it wasn’t
proper to keeping talking since Shen Zemu wasn’t saying anything. Besides, she
was always nervous around him and didn’t know what to say.

When they arrived at the area next to the library, Shen Zemu asked Xiang Nuan to
wait for him there. He went to the office to borrow a table and some chairs and began
setting them up. With the poster finally up, they were ready to get to work. Xiang Nuan
stood there like a mascot and would sit down from time to time when she was tired.

Shen Zemu was responsible for explaining the event to passing students. Xiang Nuan
felt that the way Shen Zemu spoke was like someone who was trying to save money,
trying to use the least amount of money to achieve the highest returns.

That was the reason why he always gave people the impression of being aloof
and cold.

But in reality, he wasn’t like that. From the first day she met him, she knew that he
wasn’t an aloof and cold person.

On the contrary, he was more gentle and attentive than most people.

That was the reason why she liked him.

They ate lunch at the school cafeteria.

The cafeterias on both campuses were built identically. The first three floors sold
common dishes and were cheaper. The fourth floor provided more expensive dishes.
They ordered two stir fry dishes and one bowl of rice as Xiang Nuan didn’t want one.
Shen Zemu thought she was on a diet, but instead she ordered steamed creamy
custard buns.

In Shen Zemu’s eyes, those buns were for kids.

Xiang Nuan’s costume was too loose for her and the extra fabric made it inconvenient
for her to pick up food from the dishes. She had to keep reminding herself not to get
the costume dirty, it was probably the most valuable asset of the Esports Club.

Shen Zemu couldn’t stand her clumsiness anymore, he used the communal
chopsticks to pick up food for her.

Xiang Nuan…...Xiang Nuan blushed again.

Her sped up heartbeat pushed her to keep stuffing the buns into her mouth. As she
was busy eating, her cell phone vibrated.

Chuyan: I see an idiot and I think of you for no reason.

Xiang Nuan looked down at her phone and rolled her eyes. She texted back: You
really know how to carry a conversation.

Chuyan: [picture] [picture]

Chuyan: Doesn’t this look like a silly person?

It’s Nuannuan: ……………………………

She was so shocked that the bun fell from her mouth.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.


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