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Secret Room Book 4 - Chapter 7

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 4: The Return of the King
Chapter 7

He took his hand back.
He was used to handling these situations.  She was fine, just emotional.
“Slide and the others are all men, they aren’t as fragile as you think.”  He lowered
his head and kissed her hair, “SP is a well established club and the two bosses of
the Asian region are veterans in the esports circle.  It’s a minor issue for them. A
very minor issue.”
Ai Qing bit her lower lip and nodded, responding in a soft nasally voice.  “Uhm.”
But regardless of her personal friendships and worries… an SP manager, she
couldn’t ignore the fact that she was affecting the players’ mood and the club’s reputation.
In this circle everything was a business, from various large competitions to clubs.  Fans,
sponsors, and competitions were all very important.

People would say that China won when they win the championship, but it was the
private clubs which sustained all the players.
Even a headstrong person such as Gun knew that he was doing a business. It was
the business which supported the dream.  Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible
for him, with a temperament like his, to participate in any of those commercial activities
hosted by the sponsors.
Once she thought about this……
“Xiao Bai?”  She asked with muffled sound,  “Han Shangyan definitely would scold
you to death, and you are going to be punished.”
“Uhm.”  He didn’t doubt this at all.  K&K had so many branches worldwide and all the
top managers were watching the China region.  “He must be jumping and flying into
rage right now. He’s considering how to punish me to show accountability without
affecting the national competition.”
He was right to the point.  Ai Qing couldn’t help chuckling.  “Why are we so pathetic.
We’re like truant students hiding in a place to avoid punishment.”
“Especially when you cried just now, I could feel the desperation.”  He joked, rather
She laughed again with his jokes.

But Dt could tell that the girl in his arms was still very depressed.
Without saying anything, he moved his arms underneath her arm and legs and
picked her up.  His fingertips touched her chest and quickly adjusted the position of
his hand to avoid it.  Ai Qing was recovering from suddenly being lifted, but soon she
quietly shrunk into a ball and slowly leaned against his chest.
He walked over the porch and the living room and went into the bedroom.
This was the first time he had walked into her bedroom.
The room had a faint aroma, there was incense burning on the windowsill.  He
guessed it was probably to help her sleep. After he put her down on the bed, his
hands supported him on both sides of her body.  He wanted to say something to her,
but he felt no words were good enough for now. So he just stared at her with his dark
He even subconsciously pursed his lips, annoyed about his own personality……
Ai Qing also looked at him and touched his frowned eyebrows.  “I’m all right. It’s
just…...I’m a little scared.”
“I know.”
“What I feared the most is the booing from the audience at the competition.”  Unless
the audience was throwing things or brawling, nobody could stop the audience from
booing.  “I know.” He tightened his fingers and his hands on the bed were curled into
fists, “I’m sorry.”
Ai Qing felt sorry that he had to apologize.  “Don’t say sorry…...You haven’t done
anything wrong.”  She pretended to be lighthearted and curved the corner of her lips.  
She sighed. “If we had gotten together ten years ago, then it would definitely be you
and your teammates being scolded…...But now it’s me who gets scolded because
you’re very popular and your fans think that I’m not worthy of you.”
And I’m a lot of older than you.
Dt kept looking at her and whispered,  “No. It will always be me who’s not worthy
of you.”
His expression was very serious.
There he goes again.
Ai Qing touched his soft hair.  A person with soft hair usually has a good temper.  
Xiao Bai just didn’t like to talk, but his temper was really nice.  “Tell you a secret, I
have been jealous for a long time. Don’t think that I haven’t seen those words on
your Weibo, something like ‘I’m all yours.’”
“......”  He was very embarrassed and at a loss for words.
It would be a lie if he said he didn’t see them, but he could do nothing about it since
he could never stop others from posting messages on his wall.  He had restricted
posts to his wall once, but then the fans went to his teammates’ pages to post messages
asking about his situation and why he set his wall to private.  Finally he had to make his
wall publicly available again in order to prevent his teammates from being harassed indirectly.
But…...he didn’t have time to go through all the messages and delete them, either.
“I set my wall to private for a while.” He hesitated to say, “But then it created a lot of
problems for my teammates and the Club official website, so I have to make it public again.”
Ai Qing had asked on purpose from the beginning.  She pretended that she didn’t hear
his explanation and added another accusation.  “And there are those female hostesses
calling you ‘Husband’, ‘My Emperor’. What do you think about that?”
“......No comment.  I haven’t even seen them.”  It was true that he had never looked at
those videos.

Ai Qing laughed and calmed down.
She tried to stay awake to chat with Dt, but still felt a little bit depressed.
“Xiao Bai, I’m sleepy.”  She said lightly.
Tomorrow’s competition…...tomorrow’s competition definitely would move on smoothly.
Ai Qing, it was alright and trust your teammates.
“Go sleep.  I’ll sleep on the sofa to keep you company.”  He pursed his lips and smiled
at her. Then he stuffed her into the blanket like a little girl.  He looked at her from her
bangs down to the clavicle. He liked to look at her this way, because of the height
difference, he didn’t have much opportunity to look at her entire front face.
So when he was able to see her at this angle, he had to do his best to catch up.
He wanted to make up these twenty-two years without her.
Ai Qing rolled over and closed her eyes.  “Little rascal, in the end you still end up staying
at my house overnight.  Obviously, you have planned it for very a long time.” He somehow
felt this last sentence sounded very good and even responded with “En” as if he had
admitted it ……

She didn’t sleep well this night.
It was probably early morning before sunrise when Solo called her when she was half-asleep.  
She picked up the phone and put it to her ear and heard Solo’s voices came from the
other end of the phone:  “Ai Qing?”
“Uhm.  Uhm.” Ai Qing sat up.  “I’m alright.”
Solo relaxed.  “Good to know that you’re alright.  Let me and Han Shangyan handle
this issue.”
Ai Qing didn’t say anything.
There was a bitter taste in her mouth.  She pressed against her nose with her knuckle.
These words….she really hadn’t heard them for a long time.
Only when he was the captain did he speak like this.
“And.”  Solo’s voice was still very light, but carried some emotion. He seemed to have
thousands of words after that word.  Finally he did best to laugh relaxingly and simply
said several very simple words. “He’s a good guy.”
The feeling of this moment------
It was just like sitting in a movie theater and the last scene had just disappeared right in
front of you.
White words appeared on screen displaying many names.  Many people who participated
in this story quickly disappeared like running water.
Finally, the lights turned on…...the end.

It was really the end.

Their story.

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