Saturday, October 15, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 13

He looked at her with one hand resting on the edge of the bed.
Ai Qing thought he was going to say something, but after a while, he hadn’t said a word.

Suddenly it was just like that night in Singapore.
She had to rack her brain to come up with topics to chat with him and this young boy was always a person with few words.
Ai Qing also took out two bottles of green tea from the plastic bag and handed one to him.  “Welcome back.  Where have you been all this time?  Why haven’t you continued to compete?”
He took the bottle and twisted the cap off to take a sip, but there was no answer.
She took a look at the laptop on the desk.  Actually, she should have recognized it before; it was obviously the same one he used in Singapore.  “You are here for the WCG China Preliminary?  Which event?”
“Warcraft.”  he put down the bottle.

She looked at him astonished.
This time, Starcraft was just an exhibition event since it hadn’t been officially listed as a competition event.  Therefore, all Starcraft players were doing their original events.  She didn’t know which event Grunt was going to participate.  But on the preliminary list of Beijing, Solo had qualified for the Starcraft event.
In other words, if he wanted to be the world champion.
The first thing he had to do was to beat Solo.

Dt stood up, walked over to the desk, and began to put the keys back onto the keyboard one by one.  With very clean fingers, he picked up the black keyboard and pushed the key back down with a click, and then moved onto the next one.  He was treating everyone in the room like air.

“You do know each other.”
97 started laughing.
Certainly, no one was paying attention to him.

After the sisters were back in their own room, her sister then asked,  “Was that guy there the esports genius you mentioned before?”
“En. Wu Bai, Dt.”
“Ah! I remember that name, Wu Bai.  He’s the one that Solo kept talking to you about?”

“Solo had been very interested in recruiting him to join his club.”  Ai Qing said,  “but he disappeared all of a sudden afterwards.  Since his appearance was very short-lived, I figured a lot of people had already forgotten about him.”
He was now just 18 years old.
In other words, he was at the prime time of his life.
“When he said he’s going to play Warcraft, how come I feel that there’s something wrong with you.”  Her sister never cared about esports, but this time she kept asking questions.  It seemed that she wanted to learn all about it in these few days.  “What’s so special about this game?  I remember Solo was always playing this event?”
“Warcraft has always been China’s strongest event.”  Ai Qing came up with a more suitable way to explain to a layman like her sister.  “Just like Ping Pong is China’s best sporting event.  It’s very likely that a provincial athlete will be better that another country’s national athlete.  Once you pick an event like that, you have to face many strong opponents domestically.  He was not playing this event before…...but I watched him play Warcraft before, very strong.”  She recalled the scene at that time.  “Extremely strong.”

“What a true legend.”  Her sister sighed lengthily.  “I always feel that is what youth should be about, with all the international competitions, tours, world championships……”
She was somewhat preoccupied and turned on the computer to search again for news about this year’s competitions on Baidu.  She specially searched for this year’s rules.  There was going to be three slots from the China Preliminary.

Warcraft had three million players in China and over thirty thousand professional and semi professional players.  It was the well-deserved number one game in China.  If a black horse qualified… would definitely be sensational news.

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