Saturday, October 8, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 11

Guess what guys? Someone we know is coming back in Chapter 12.

Since she already agreed to go, Ai Jing certainly would not let her back out of it.
When Grunt opened the door, she really was holding a laptop.  “I want to have a friendly match with you.”

“CS?”  Grunt leaned against the door frame.  Even though he was answering her question, he was looking at Ai Jing quite unexpectedly.
Seeing his expression, Ai Qing only took a second to understand everything.
She murmured amusingly.  “You two are already interested in each other, why do you need me as an excuse?”
Grunt pretended that he didn’t hear.  He stepped aside to leave the doorway open.  “Come on in.”

When they walked in, they discovered that the room was extremely messy.  That huge suitcase they saw at the airport was open, filled with computer accessories…...Ai Qing took a short glance, she could still recognize some of them and those were all top notch equipments.
On the bed, there were four or five laptops strewed around.
It looked like this top player was not just a top player, he was also a zealot.
In addition, there’s more than one person in the room.

A bookish boy with very short hair stood up, he took a look at Ai Qing, then took another look at Ai Jing.  “Grunt, you actually know Apple Dog……”  He was holding a biology book and stared at the two with great interest.  “I couldn’t tell who’s who since I only saw Gou Gou in videoes.  Could you self-introduced yourselves?”
“I am.”  Ai Qing said.
“I have heard so much about you.”  The boy finally put down the book and solemnly offered his hand.  “I am a Starcraft II player, too.  97.”  Ai Qing didn’t expect him to be so serious, shook his hand lightly, and asked curiously, “Your name… it for celebrating the return of Hong Kong?”
97 laughed, showing off the two deep dimples on his face, which were quite cute.  “Yeah, I started doing esports at the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong.  I remember you won the racing championship at that year’s Asian Tournament.”
“It’s been so long.”  Ai Qing felt that this person in front of her should be of the same age as her.  But somehow she had a feeling of having gone through the vicissitudes of life.
“Why don’t you continue?  I thought you’d turn into professional, but didn’t hear anything in the end.”

Ai Qing didn’t answer the question directly; after saying something irrelevant, she put her computer on the desk in the living room area.
“I don’t have CS on my computer.”  Grunt took one computer from the bed.  “I’ll use my friend’s to play with you.”
97 looked at Grunt amazedly.  “You’ll lose for sure playing against Apple Dog.”
She felt quite uneasy when she heard that since she wasn’t seriously coming here to play a match.  She turned on the computer and said, “I only played CS once in these two years.  My skill has downgraded a lot.”
97 was relieved.  “Then maybe he’ll have some chance……”
Ai Qing had never seen such a unsupportive friend and glanced at Grunt sympathetically.
He basically wasn’t paying any attention to 97 and put his laptop on the desk.  With one hand besides the computer, the other hand started to pick out the space key.  “Don’t need the jumping key.”  He then picked out the 1, 2, 3, 4, and R keys.  “We can’t switch guns half way and no smoke and flash bombs.  How’s that?”
When he spoke, the corners of his mouth always curved up beautifully.
He’s showing off.

“Ok.”  Ai Qing was intrigued with this way of doing matches.  She also picked out those keys and even took out the S key too.  “We don’t need the back key either.”

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