Monday, October 10, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 12

Guess who's back, back again.

It’s still the old rule, two out of three rounds.
Since there were limits on the movement keys, they couldn’t jump or move back.  This was a match focused solely on offense.  The two could only use their ears to determine the location of the opponent.  If one showed his/her face, the round would be finished.
97 pretentiously opened a can of coke, but the whole match was over just after he had taken a few sips.  
Two wins out of three, she won two rounds.

It’s a pity though, due to her old habits, she subconsciously touched the back key even though the key was not there.  “I had a violation, so do you want to do one more round?”
“No need.  It’s not a shame I lost to you.”  Grunt stood up and picked up an apple from the table, using his own pocket knife to peel it.
A thin layer of peel quickly fell down and he cut it into several pieces.
He picked one up with a toothpick and handed directly to Ai Jing.

Ai Jing was somewhat stunned and at a loss, which was rare for her.
But that was just for a short instance, she soon recovered and took the piece over.  “Thanks.”
Grunt grinned and put the other pieces onto a plate and push it towards her and 97.  He used his fingers to pick up one for himself.

The four of them had just met, so naturally there weren’t many topics they could talk about.  Luckily, there’s still esports that they could talk about.  Ai Jing had followed her career for so many years, so she could also join in the conversation with Grunt and 97.  After they chatted for a while, she looked at all the computers on the bed and asked curiously, “Why are the two of you using so many computers?”
“There’s one more person.”  97 beamed and pointed to the computer that Grunt was using just then and said, “This computer is his.”
He was going to say something more, but was interrupted as the door opened from outside.

A man walked in with one hand holding the card key and the other hand carrying a huge plastic bag.  When she raised her head, he happened to look over at the people inside the room.  His
eyes under the cap fixed on Ai Qing without any hesitation; he could easily distinguish the twins.

He had grown at least 20 some centimeters taller.  The contour of his face hadn’t changed much.  It was like it had been outlined by a single light stroke, without any extra line and without any expression.

“Here, this is the other guy.  Your sister should know him.  He’s Dt, the captain of the DotA championship team of that year’s WCG Asian Tournament.”  97 greeted Dt with a high five.  “I’ve almost died of thirst.  Give me a drink first.”
Dt came over and put the whole bag of cold drinks on the bed.
97 quickly opened the plastic bag and took out what he wanted to drink,  Grunt was still eating his apple.

She felt that the whole situation was so inconceivable that she just watched Dt.  Slowly her lips parted into a smile.

As she was about to say something, Dt had already knelt down in front of her with slightly tightened lips serving as a smile.
“I’m back.”


  1. awww!!! "He just knelt down in front of her"!!! It somehow feels like the proposal mood even though it totally isn't! :D Thanks for the update!

  2. I am thoroughly intrigued. Gosh darn it!