Monday, October 3, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 10

Ai Jing tried to talk her into going, but she refused.
After her sister went to shower in disappointment, she began reading the email very carefully.  On the list of players who already qualified, Solo’s name was listed for Warcraft III from the Beijing area tournament.  Starcraft II was a new competition event after all; it’s still an exhibition event at the four major international competitions.  Therefore,  most of those who competed for Starcraft II were still keeping their old events, so was Solo.
Since he already qualified at Beijing, if there weren’t any surprises, he would not come to Guangzhou.

Grunt did not show up for the next two days’ game show.  He was probably preparing for the preliminary match in Guangzhou and had started his training in advance.  The show ended on Thursday.  All of a sudden, she felt sorry for her sister when she saw how disappointed her sister was.  Finally, when they were packing and getting ready to leave the hotel, she said to her sister, “Considering that you have been taken care of me for so many years, I will go with you to watch the competition.”
Ai Jing looked at her in disbelief.  “Really?  You’re not afraid of seeing Solo there?”
Actually, Ai Jing did not mention this matter again for the past few days out of the concern that Ai Qing might be afraid to meet Solo.  She did not dare push Ai Qing over the edge, even though she really wanted to go.  The reason that Ai Qing gave up esports was to cut herself off from Solo completely so she would not meet him again.

“Really.”  Ai Qing reopened her suitcase and put everything back.  “He was at the preliminary in Beijing and will not show up in Guangzhou.  In addition, there won’t be many familiar faces since a lot of them retired in the past three years.”   After saying so, she pointed to Ai Jing’s face confidently.  “Besides, with you by my side, it’s perfect for confusing and misleading people.”

They stayed at Guangzhou for one more day due to this decision.
That night, most people had already left and only the two sisters were staying at the hotel with nothing to do.  Since everyone had warned them, almost in a sensationalized way, not to go out after dark, they ate instant noodles for dinner.
Her sister asked out of blue while she was eating her noodles, “Do you want to pay a visit to Grunt?”
She almost choked herself to death.
She wiped her tears and her mouth with the napkins passed along by her sister and said, “To visit him as a senpai?  We’re not even from the same generation.  He even plays with 3D graphics……”
Women are dreadful.
They are not even human when they are in love.

Her sister narrowed her eyes and made a very disappointed expression with a face that was  90% similar to hers.
She ate for two more minutes in silence.  When she raised her head, she saw her sister had maintained the same expression without changing.  Finally, she lost her appetite under her sister’s gaze and put down the bowl.  “You will wash all the clothes for the rest of the year.  You have to pay for a taxi when I’m late for my internship…...there’s one more term, I’ll tell you when I come up with it.”
Ai Jing nodded solemnly.
She casually put on a short sleeve and a beach shorts.  “What excuse do you want me to use to go visit?  My sister likes you very much?  If you don’t mind and don’t have a girlfriend, please take her in?”
Her sister almost pulled down her shorts.  “You certainly have to say something like you want to play a round against him.  Other than this, can you think of any topic that has some association with him?”

“I don’t know how to play Starcraft II.”  She was frank about her weakness.  “I had played Starcraft I before, though very badly, not even at par to the amateurs… want me to challenge him with this skill level of mine?”

If Grunt’s fans ever found out, they could drown her if they each took a turn to spit at her.

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