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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 172 Part 3

Hello Everyone,

I figured that putting our announcements at the start of the chapter would be more visible to our readers than making a separate post. (I'll be copying this same announcement to every chapter we release this week).

We've been seeing a large influx of readers, most likely because of the You're Beautiful When You Smile live action drama was released (called "Falling Into Your Smile" if you aren't aware).

And as such we've noticed an increase in comments about navigation. I understand that the blog format is not very conducive to reading a story unless you've kept up with it from the start. And I've gotten rather lazy updating our project pages (it's quite a tedious thing and the links seem to keep breaking for some reason).

Anyhow, I've recently just updated our You're Beautiful When You Smile project page with links to all the chapters: click here to go to the project page. This should make it easier for users.

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I just want to remind our readers that we do this for fun and provide the fan translations for free. So I hope everyone can be patient with our schedule. We appreciate your understanding. Please enjoy the next part in the story below.

Thank you.
- Somesingman

Translated by Team DHH at

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 172 Part 3

Just as the bullet comments on the stream was saying “Did Cheng Ge bribe Smiling last last night with a hundred million dollars” “Smiling’s willing to feed now” “Aiya, it’s surprising that these two are in sync now”, the other team’s jungler and support started to work together-- --The support left their AD to develop by himself and went together with the jungler to mid in an attempt to challenge Lu Yue. But Lu Yue was beyond their reach, then they changed direction and attacked top……

Their attack on Old Cat’s Maokai gave Old Cat a 0/4/0 score in the first 15 minutes of the game…...

At the 18th minute, a team fight over drake broke out. ZGDX had no frontliners and relied on Lu Yue’s Azir to push enemy champions away and Tong Yao’s Nami to knock up enemy champions. There was no room for Lu Sicheng to deal damages to the enemy. He used precise positioning and flash to kill one of the enemy fronterliners of the other team, but eventually got killed by an enemy backliner that was still almost at full health-- --

ZGDX ended up losing 4 of its players in exchange for the death of two of C players from this teamfight. The only one left was Old K who ran away with a sliver of health.

C grabbed the Earth Drake and took ZGDX’s outer turrets at both mid and bot. It became difficult for ZGDX to play the game. Without their outer turrets, it was even harder to place wards. For the next 10 minutes, ZGDX could only develop along the river. They were being confined to their own jungle……

Tong Yao wasn’t familiar with seizing the opportunity and counter jungling. ZGDX fell into a difficult position.

Tong Yao was anxiously sweating. All she could think of was “Damn, what’s this. That’s all I need.” “Wish I could be possessed by Little Fatty”......

The difficult situation for ZGDX lasted for 42 minutes. When the last team fight started, Team C already had an economy advantage of over 12000 gold plus the Elder Dragon buff-- --C wasn’t a wild card team and grabbing Baron to turn the game around wasn’t something that would happen everyday. At this point, the gap in terms of items and economy between the two teams was simply too wide. In the end, ZGDX lost to Team C when their nexus was destroyed.

20 seconds before the end, Lu Sicheng said in his nonchalant tone of voice in the team chat channel to encourage his teammates to stay for a fight. He said that there was still a chance and that even if they lost the fight, it was alright too to lose one round……

Tong Yao had played matches with Lu Sicheng for a whole season now and she knew his style of directing the team during a match. He seldom would say things which weren’t a clear command during the game.

Tong Yao knew that he was afraid that his teammates would get demoralized-- --

Why would he have this kind of concern?

Tong Yao reasonably assumed that Lu Sicheng was having negative emotions himself and he was trying to hold it down at this moment.

Tong Yao: “......”  

At the moment when ZGDX’s base was demolished, Tong Yao saw Team C’s players jump and embrace each other, looking like they were even happier than winning the championship…… Tong Yao slightly frowned but didn’t say anything. She took off her headphones and happened to hear Lu Sicheng: “It’s nothing losing a match. Let’s play well for the following ones and we’ll still be first in the group.”

Their captain had never comforted them before after losing a game.

His teammates were so overwhelmed by the special treatment that they almost forgot to feel depressed.

…...Nevertheless, this day was a huge disappointment for the LPL fans to witness two consecutive defeats. Good news came for them the next day, night of the same day in US time. ZGDX announced that Little Fatty was out of the hospital. ZGDX was all ready to go again.

Many fans expressed their delight on Tieba-- --

That night all the fans were fans of ZGDX and Little Fatty. In the past, fans liked to tease Little Fatty for winning matches by doing nothing. After staying in the hospital for two days from eating hot pot, he somehow accomplished two things after getting out of the hospital-- --

1. He almont bent his AD.

2. He had suddenly become the god of support in the minds of LPL fans.

For these accomplishments, Tong Yao concluded: “They are all accomplishments achieved at my expense, shit.”

Translated by Team DHH at


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