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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 165 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 165 Part 2

After the skirmish with TAT, Tong Yao was about to smash her head onto the keyboard. Lu Sicheng, unruffled, stretched his hand between Tong Yao’s forehead and the keyboard and said plainly: “It’s alright. Use your brain, take it easy.”

“Can’t use my brain.” Tong Yao said: “Only the one on top of Ah Tai’s neck can be called a brain.”

Lu Sicheng gently said: “Don’t say that. A pig’s brain is still a brain.”

Tong Yao lifted her head from his big hand and turned to angrily stare at him.

Lu Sicheng affectionately patted Tong Yao’s head-- --In the history of skirmishes against TAT, Lu Sicheng’s bot had never been stopped. It looked like TAT’s new adc, though the best one in their league, was still overshadowed by the accomplishments of his predecessors.

It was the demon that haunted a person’s mind, just like the shadow Ah Tai had cast over to Tong Yao. She could gradually walk away from it, but when she carefully looked back, it was always there, irritating yet unavoidable.

Around 2 am US time, ZGDX had finished all their scheduled skirmishes and was getting ready to go back to the hotel when they heard some gossip-- --

First, it was said that Team Bear, which had gotten smashed by ZGDX today, didn’t perform well because its mid player hadn’t fully acclimated to the U.S. and was also suffering from diarrhea. But he had gotten better tonight after taking medicine and during the skirmish against North America’s Team Time, Bear unexpectedly crushed them.

Second, the European Team Moon, which was in the third seeded pool, had gone undefeated in all their skirmishes tonight. They first defeated the high spirited CK, then took down the Korean team RP as well.

Third, this year’s S finals might be different from previous years. The wild card teams might not be here to make the other regions comfortable like before.

On the second day of the competition, ZGDX was against Team C, YQCB vs. TAT, and CK vs. FZ.

To the China region, this was the day of three tough battles. ZGDX’s match was scheduled after the other two teams but they still arrived at the arena early to watch the matches and to collect information about their opponents-- --That valuable little notebook of Tong Yao’s had traveled all the way from Shanghai to the US.

After four hours, she had taken down two full pages of notes. On said pages, she had written down in precise detail, down to the second, the process of how the China region’s “most hopeful year” had sunk to the bottom of the ocean……

In YQCB vs TAT and CK vs FZ, both Chinese teams lost.

TAT reclaimed the Korean region’s pride after OP had lost the match on the first day of the competition-- --In this match against TAT, the only decent performance from YQCB was the duo at bot, Pope and Liangsheng. The other two lanes and the jungler were badly thrashed. At the 15th minute into the game, the match was almost over. At the 22nd minute, the screen of the stream was covered by comments like “gg” “20 minutes surrender”, like snowflakes covering the screen to the point that nobody could see the game anymore.

-- --When the match ended, the Koreans took off their headphones and stood up with expressions that seemed to say: I’m still your dad.

-- --Tieba had always been good at trying to discourage the teams.

By the time of the third match, before the match between ZGDX and Team C was about to begin, it was all quiet on Weibo and Tieba. Only a fan posted on Weibo sarcastically: [It would be nice if ZGDX lost as well. Now it’s 6 am here, a beautiful day would begin with the failure of ZGDX?......]

The fans back in China were quite anxious.

The pressure on ZGDX was mounting.

When the fans in China were eating their breakfast while watching the stream on their cell phones, Tong Yao and her teammates got on the stage and put on their headphones-- --In international competitions, there were more ways of playing the game and fresher strategies. Tong Yao’s Leblanc and Twisted Fate wouldn’t get 100% banned like back in China’s league competitions. Therefore, Tong Yao got Leblanc for this match.

The commentators and the audience who knew anything about her all cheered for her.

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