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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 97 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 97 Part 2

Tong Yao turned to take a look at the last row in the back of the bus. Her captain was curled up in the corner, soundly asleep with a team sweater covering his face…...Tong Yao stood up and walked over. With one hand resting on the back of the seat next to Lu Sicheng’s head to support herself, Tong Yao used her other hand to lift up the sweater on his face-- --Disturbed, Lu Sicheng opened his eyes in irritation. After he recognized the face in front of him, his facial expression softened immediately.

Lu Sicheng looked around and noticed that everyone, except the driver, was asleep.

Then he lifted his hand to pull Tong Yao’s loose hair behind her ear rather intimately and asked in a low voice: “What’s wrong?”

Tong Yao lifted her cell phone and made sure the comment of the esports Sherlock Holmes was right in the center of her phone screen, then silently put it in front of him for him to see.

Lu Sicheng quickly glanced at it then laughed: “Really something.”

Tong Yao: “........................................Hrm?”

Really something?

What kind of reaction was that?

“This person’s quite observant, almost got found out.”

Lu Sicheng took over Tong Yao’s cell phone and clicked a like under the comment. Tong Yao hissed and hurriedly grabbed the phone back to undo the like. She stared at Lu Sicheng. Lu Sicheng indifferently pulled Tong Yao into the seat next to him and lazily asked: “What are you so nervous about?”

Tong Yao sat down with legs crossed then started to read all the comments from his fans, both approving and disapproving ones. After she was done reading, she paused for a moment before saying: “......Now you know why I don’t want to go public?”

Lu Sicheng: “?”

Tong Yao: “Once it goes public, your highness will lose half his domain.”

Lu Sicheng: “Oh.”

Lu Sicheng: “Then why do you think I would agree not to go public?”

Tong Yao wanted to say because of half of your domain, but seeing the spurious expression on his face that seemed to goad her to announce it, Tong Yao stopped herself from saying that. She shook her head and said that she didn’t know.

“It’s because I’m afraid that some crazy fans might throw mud on you.” Lu Sicheng said flatly: “Not playing well during competitions because you’re busy in a relationship, or not surprising that women only knew those things, or questioning your motive for playing professionally in the first place……”

“I don’t care.”

“I care.” Lu Sicheng said firmly: “Though it may not happen like that and even if it happens, I’m confident we can slap those people’s faces with our performance. It’s still quite bothersome just thinking about it. You like to read gossip to begin with and would probably be troubled by all those posts-- --I was debating whether I should be with you or not before because of this concern. After all, I would be the first one to step out and voice my objection if any of our other teammates came out and confessed to you.”

Lu Sicheng paused and continued without much expression: “Then I would coldly warn that person: Don’t bother her, she’s here to play well for her professional career.”

It was quite dim inside the bus, the two people in the back row were almost covered by shadow. The man’s tone of voice was low and seemed to be grappling with the thought. From the corner of Tong Yao’s eye, she could see his expressionless face…...Tong Yao pulled both of her knees in front of her chest, then buried her face between her knees to keep her laughter as quiet as possible. Her shoulders shook as she tried her best to hold it in.

Tong Yao nudged him with her elbow at the person next to her: “Then?”

“......What are you laughing about?”

“Don’t mind me.” Tong Yao’s shoulders continued to shake and the corners of her lips curled up: “Then?”

“Why’d there be any then? Before I realized what had happened, you already flew into my arms.”


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