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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 15 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 15 Part 2

Qianxi might have been too good at keeping a low profile, the staff, who was in charge of the filming, frowned while sizing her up when she arrived at the filming location.  “Why didn’t you put on any makeup before coming here?  Though you are just the translator, you’re still being filmed.  JoJo, come to do makeup for her.”

The overly busy makeup artist complained,  “I haven’t finished these four or five players.  Ask Cindy to do it!”

Then Qianxi’s face was turned into a flower by the little assistant Cindy.  It was hard to tell whether she had any actual cosmetics experience or not.  She even gave a coverup excuse.  “Camera’s require very heavy makeup.  Though it looks a little bit exaggerated now, it will look normal on camera.  The kind of light makeup you usually wear won’t show up at all in front of the camera.”

Qianxi was fool by her.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  The dreadfully pale powder foundation, the bloody red lipstick, and the Magical Realism style eye makeup…...would she really look normal on camera?

The culprit, Cindy, turned around and disappeared into the messy makeup room.  Qianxi couldn’t catch her even if she wanted to.

The people from KG almost couldn’t recognize her after they came for their makeup.

Li Cang burst into laughter.  “Young, young lady boss?  Damn, was your face done by the makeup artist from the funeral home?  How could you turn yourself into this?”

Cheng Yang pushed him.  “If you got nothing good to say, then why say anything.  What are you even talking about?!”

Li Cang laughed, out of breath.  “No, no, no.  I don’t mean that.  It’s just that I couldn’t find the proper words to describe this face.”

Cheng Yang had completely given up on Li having even a sliver of intelligence.

Qianxi desperately covered her face to keep them from seeing it.  “Don’t laugh at me!  They said it will be normal on camera. Don’t look at it.  Turn your heads over, ahhh!”

Cheng Yang said.  “We won’t look, we won’t look.”  He held back his laugh and pushed Li Cang away.  “Will we stand next to the young lady boss during the interview later?  I’ll break down laughing.”

“Damn.  Do you think I won’t?”

Li Cang suggested,  “Let’s go back to sleep and ask the boss to come here.  Isn’t he an expert of facial paralysis?  He absolutely won’t laugh.”

Cheng Yang’s expression turned serious all of a sudden.  He put his finger in front of his lips.  “Hush…...don’t let young lady boss overhear it.”

Qianxi finally put her hands down slowly after they had walked away…...Who knew that she would see Xu Jimo walk in right at the moment, so her hands flew back to her face, lightning quick.

Xu Jimo’s eyes were probably made of some special material, he recognized her the moment he saw her and walked over to her.

Was it possible that…...he didn’t come over……

But the reality was against her wish.  He stood steadily in front of her, then he squatted down and gave her a room card.  “I already moved your luggage over there.”

Qianxi’s fingers opened to two cracks.  She hesitated about whether she should take the room card.  “You…...put it in my pocket……”  She turned sideways and showed the pocket of her suit jacket to him.  Why did he come here to give her something right now!  She couldn’t cover her face if she reached out to take it?!

Xu Jimo held the room card with two fingers, but didn’t move.  “Aren’t I not allowed to touch you?”

“When did I say that!”  She firmly covered her face for a while, then found he still wasn’t moving.  She couldn’t stand the stalemate and turned her face aside quickly, leaving it covered with one hand. With her free hand, she finally took the card and placed it into her pocket.   “All right. You may leave!  Don’t look!”

He stretched out his hand to move her hand away.  “Won’t I still be able to see it later?”

“Later is later, wait to see it later……”

“Why can’t I see it now?”

Qianxi was furious. She put her hands down, gave up trying, and faced him.  “Because this is not how I look!  Forget about what you see immediately after you see it.  Don’t laugh and don’t remember!”

The makeup from a ghost movie faced him blankly.  Xu Jimo was indeed startled.

But then he felt helpless.  “I didn’t laugh at you.”

Qianxi pointed at him.  “You are laughing now!  Don’t move and don’t argue!”  She took the mirror from the table and held in front of his face.  “Look at it yourself. You are laughing.”

Xu Jimo looked at himself in the mirror.

The way he was now, compared with the usually expressionless face, could be considered laughing: The line of his lips were curved ever so slightly up and had become a lot softer.  His eyes looked like a doting parent.

It was like he was looking at a little kid.

Qianxi put down the mirror slowly, timidly revealing her eyes.  “Aren’t you going to do the makeup?”

“I’m going.”

“When will the competition begin?”

“The day after tomorrow.  There is a welcome dinner party tonight.  If you like to eat, then eat less for lunch.”

“Come on….I didn’t fly here just to eat and drink.  Don’t make people feel that I only care about the food and don’t do any work, ok!”  Qianxi put down the mirror and walked valiantly and spiritedly to begin working.

The first day of her translating career had formally begun.

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