Monday, September 4, 2017

Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 25

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 25

The quarter finals finished at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
K&K had already arranged a shuttle to take them back to the hotel.  Since Gun seemed to be in a very good mood, Ai Qing and Inin felt comfortable to share a ride with them.
But strangely, the van didn’t take the scheduled route and stopped at a jewelry store halfway back.
Ai Qing stood in front of a showcase looking at the rubies to pass the time.  Through the glass showcase, she could see that Grunt was focusing on one showcase.  It seemed strange to her that Grunt would have any interest in jewelry.
It seemed that there was a very deep personal reason for his concentration.
The eyes behind the glasses stared at items in the showcase.  Though she didn’t know what he was looking at… looked to her like a man looking for an engagement ring.
She didn’t know…...whether that was just her imagination.
After singling it out, Grunt finally made the decision and bought it.
Ai Qing was next to him when he signed the bill.  She was shocked by the number.  It was probably worth all the prize money he’d won in the past two years.  A professional player was at their peak for only a couple of years.  He spent all the money he’d earned so easily……
Perhaps even SP’s richest person Solo wouldn’t be so generous.

After they returned to the hotel, Dt called after her as he got off the van.  He gave her a jewelry box.  “Grunt told me to give this to you.”
“Me?”  She didn’t accept it, she was having difficulty enough believing what she’d heard.
“It’s for your sister.  He said it’s a memento for their break up.”
“My elder sister?”  She was even more baffled.  “Do you think I will accept it?”
The revolving door behind them turned as people came in and out. Conversations in many different languages filled the lobby of the hotel.  He hesitated somewhat, then spoke after silent for a while,  “Let’s go to a coffee shop.  Let me tell you a story.”

This was……
This was the first time he had ever invited her for something.
There was no competition tomorrow.  They had nothing to do around this time, so naturally she had no reason to refuse.  They went directly to the indoor coffee bar at the first floor of the hotel.
It wasn’t late enough into the night as there was only a single pianist playing, no band nor singer.
There were fewer customers during dinner time.
When the waitress gave them the menu, he quietly went through the whole menu and asked whether they can add hazelnut flavouring to the Latte.  The waitress thought about it and smiled.  She told him they could do it and asked him jokingly,  “Do you like the Toffee Nut Latte at Starbucks?”
He replied in all seriousness,  “It’s the girl across from me who likes it.”
She was listening the whole time.  Until the last sentence, her fingertips tingled inexplicably.  She quickly turned to the windows and looked outside.


  1. aww he is too cute 😆
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  2. Dt really cares for the little details~ So sweet~ <3