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Secret Room Book 2 - Chapter 28

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 2: You’re Beautiful
Chapter 28

She went to oversee Inin’s training that night.  The young boy asked curiously with a lollipop between his lips.  “Manager, what happened to your eyes?”  She ignored the question and patted the young boy’s head.  “Come on.  Let’s discuss the strategy for the final game.”
“Final game?”  Inin was stunned.  “Isn’t there still a quarter final?”
There were still eight players on the list, why discuss the final game now?
Ai Qing shrugged.  “There are so many good players and I really can’t handle all of them.  You have to work hard yourself.  I can only focus on your idol, Dt, to devise our strategy.” “But……everybody is very strong.  I may not win against them.”  Inin lowered his head and kept counting the keys on the keyboard.  “Many of them were my teammates when I was in Korea or opponents and they are all very strong.  Though the world rankings keep changing, the actual players in competitions are only these few players.  They’re all close in ability.  It all depends on their performance on stage……”
He kept talking, then realized that Ai Qing had remained quiet.  He raised his head and was met by her dark eyes.

Ai Qing was smiling.  She curled up her red swollen eyes and bowed to stroke his head.  “Let me emphasize, again.  I’m only responsible on how to beat K&K.  You need to take care of the others.  Do you understand?”
Tears began to flow down his face.  He continued to quietly play with the keyboard.
“I thought it over.”  She said.  “All the following matches are best of three.  You must win the first round.”
“……It is hard to say.  I lost to him last year.”
It was at that point that Ai Qing finally understood what Baona had said.  The boy had already lost confidence in himself.  He lost the courage and competitive spirit to try his hardest, having no regrets even if the result was a loss...
“Three rounds.  You choose the map that gives you the best advantage.  Won’t you win in the first round?”

This was a unique rule for this particular offline competition.  They had never heard of it.
Most players wouldn’t even try it.
A player had the opportunity to choose the map in each of the three rounds of one match. Once a player chose the map that gave an advantage to their race, then he lost the right to choose maps in the other two rounds……
Inin, the America Regional champion, could win the first round on a map that gave him the advantage.

But then it meant that Inin would lose the right to choose the map for the next two rounds.  The system would randomly pick a map that gave Dt an advantage. Inin was weaker than Dt in the first place, he would certainly lose against Dt when he was on a favorable map!!
“Manager……are you serious?”  Tears began to flow down Inin’s face again.
“Of course I’m serious.”  Ai Qing pulled out an instant noodle pack from the drawer.  “Wait for me to get the noodles ready, then we will talk about the third round.”
“Ah?  What about the second round?”

She opened the wrapper and put the noodles on the table. She bent down to look Inin straight in his eyes and mysteriously said, “The second round……he will certainly win.  The first round is yours and the last round is mine.”

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