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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 129 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 129 Part 2

Tong Yao did smell the faint scent of the tincture since she entered the room.

She felt a bit at ease about Lu Sicheng’s wrist. Then she pulled his big hand, which had reached in again to touch her upper thigh, out from under her shorts. She sat up-- --The two of them sat face to face with legs crossed-- --Under Lu Sicheng’s begrudging gaze, Tong Yao pulled out a roll of bandages from her pocket.

She looked up.

Lu Sicheng frowned, rather reluctantly.

Tong Yao gave him a stare and not so gently grabbed Lu Sicheng’s hand and placed it on top of her knee-- --Though his hand was held in place, Lu Sicheng used his slender fingers to play around with the strings on Tong Yao’s shorts. When he had successfully unhooked the bow-knot, Tong Yao slapped the back of his hand!

The snap was quite loud.

“Is this the way you treat an injured person?” Lu Sicheng pulled his hand back: “You were so close to that male creature, I’m disinfecting for you……”

“It’s your wrist, not the back of your hand that hurts.”

Tong Yao rolled open the bandage, looked downwards, and carefully wrapped the bandage around his wrist-- --Her eyes were cast down, concentrating on the bandage. Under the light, her eyelashes slightly quivered as her eyes followed her hands. The slightly yellowish roll of medicinal bandage nimbly tumbled around in Tong Yao’s tender fingertips……

Lu Sicheng was touched as he watched her. He couldn’t help reaching over with his other hand to gather the hair next to her face and pull it back behind her ear. Then……

His big hand landed next to her ear and he couldn’t bring himself to move it away.

The slightly rough palm rubbed Tong Yao’s cheek. Tong Yao looked up at him.

Lu Sicheng used a little more force on his hand and the palm pressed down on her cheek. He said in a gentle and sincere manner: “You have a pimple here.”

“.................................” Tong Yao grit her teeth and tried her best to suppress the urge to slap him. She huffed as if she was having a toothache: “Because I was cranky. It’s all because of you. Remember that you’re responsible for it.” 

Lu Sicheng moved a bit and despite Tong Yao’s protest, pulled his arm back. Then with the bandage roll still dangling from his wrist, he pulled Tong Yao directly into his arms: “I declare that I’ll be responsible for you, the whole person.”

The tip of Tong Yao’s nose bumped into his shoulder.

She watched the bandage roll fall from his wrist down to the floor and rolled over next to the door.

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “But first, tell me how it’s all because of me, so I can find the right antidote.”

Tong Yao: “Dubhe said-- --”

Lu Sicheng: “I don’t want to hear it, you just keep being cranky. I’ll give you a credit card later for you to buy acne skin care products, no matter how expensive it’ll be-- --I choose to buy my peace.”

“.......................” Tong Yao raised her hand to pinch Lu Sicheng’s ear: “You better listen to me. Dubhe just said that it was wrong for you to take Ashe in today’s first round. Though we had banned Jhin, we shouldn’t have let him get Sivir. Even if we let him have Sivir, how could we have taken Ashe. That was a bit too overconfident.”

Lu Sicheng thought about it. His big hand reached under her clothes from the back: “That’s what you two were talking about just now?”


Tong Yao felt a little nervous, without really knowing why.

She began to feel like she was challenging the authority of her captain.

But after pausing for a while, she decided to continue-- --

“He wasn’t totally wrong. He said we all indulge you too much and let you get inflated. When  playing a game, all you think about isn’t winning but showing off. It’s a game, what’s there to show off, damn-- --Indeed, none of us gave it much thought and just took what you said at face value. We didn’t even consider speaking up…... Ah!”

Tong Yao felt the strap on her shoulder suddenly loosen. It was the big hand on her back that had quietly unhooked her bra!

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