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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 42 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 42 Part 1

Lin Chuyan and Xiang Nuan found it rather inconvenient to play at the coffee shop and
switched to a tea house which had private rooms to prepare for the battle tomorrow.

The teahouse was nicely decorated with simple, ancient style hanging lamps, wooden table
and chairs. There were potted plants on the table and a folding screen next to the door.

Xiang Nuan first spent 3,000 RMB to buy a lifesteal rune especially for Diaochan. The cost
she had to pay to get her name cleared was rather high.

Lin Chuyan asked her: “What if that guy doesn’t use Mulan tomorrow?”

Xiang Nuan thought about it and found it rather difficult to take in: “Then we’ll beat him up
and send him to the hospital……”

Chen Yinghu was online with them: “When playing solo, Diaochan is very powerful. Even
if that guy doesn’t use Mulan, we can still beat him in game.”

“That’s you……”

In Chen Yinghu’s mind, any champion was powerful and could do brilliant things

Chen Yinghu thought about it and then said: “I think doing a one on one is actually quite
advantageous to you.”

“How can that be? He has 18 stars.”

“He got all his 18 stars while playing ranked games.”

Xiang Nuan began to understand. Ranked matches were fought with teams of five
people each; it takes good map sense and teamwork to win, individual skill wasn’t the
most important factor.  Xiang Nuan hadn’t played the game long enough to fit in any team
like a veteran player could. But now that she was going to play one on one, it was individual
skill that mattered. It meant that she and Invincible were basically on the same footing.

“But with 18 stars, his skill level must be pretty good.” Xiang Nuan said.

Before Chen Yinghu responded, Lin Chuyan spoke up first: “You ain’t bad either.”

This was the first time that Lin Chuyan had complimented her. Xiang Nuan was dumbstruck.

“Silly.” Lin Chuyan said.

Xiang Nuan felt the word sound familiar. On second thought, wasn’t that what Sun Wukong
used to scold Zhu Bajie?[1]

“Hey, Lin Chuyan!”

Lin Chuyan had already got up and left the room with a smile on his face. He went to the
front desk to borrow two chargers.

They could go without food, but their cell phones had to be charged.

When Lin Chuyan brought the chargers back, Xiang Nuan felt a bit sorry and said: “Actually,
you don’t need to stay all night to keep me company.”

Lin Chuyan didn’t think it was a big deal: “Aren’t we teammates? Besides, I’m also one of the
persons that he smeared.”

Xiang Nuan agreed and suddenly felt invigorated: She wasn’t simply fighting for herself now.

Chen Yinghu had gone back home after eating and logged on the game to start a one on
one match. He invited Xiang Nuan to play with him.

“Let me play one match with you first so you can have a feel of Diaochan.”


Diaochan was a dancer; it seemed that when she moved around, she was floating about
like a fairy.

Somehow Xiang Nuan couldn’t get used to playing such a beautiful fairy. She had played
too many times as Zhang Fei……

[1]: Known more commonly as the Monkey King (Sun Wukong) and Pig/Pigsy (Zhu Bajie) in English.

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