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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 41 Part 1

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 41 Part 1

After Lin Chuyan and Deng Wenbo left, Xiang Nuan continued to play with her cell phone.
She saw the Esport Club had issued a post about Xiang Nuan’s team winning the championship.
Though Waiwai lost the game, he was still dutifully describing the best parts of the match and
even attached a video of the match.

Xiang Nuan carefully read through the post twice and smiled. She felt the prize wasn’t that
important anymore, it was the victory itself which was the most important thing. The delight
that came from winning the game was so addicting.

She gave the post a thumbs up and started to read the comments underneath.

The first few comments were quite good. Then she ran into one which made her confused:

You guys probably don’t know this, Xiang Nuan rank boosted. It’s all over the forum.

“What the heck, why don’t I know that I’ve been rank boosting?” Xiang Nuan felt it was ridiculous.

Min Lili was singing so loudly that nobody heard her murmuring to herself.

Xiang Nuan logged on the campus forum and tried to search the phrase “Xiang Nuan,
rank boosted”. There was really one such post:

[Subject] Do you all really believe that Xiang Nuan could play such a good game? I don’t
believe it anyway.

Poster: -Invincible-

Subforum: Kings of Glory

Original Post: I play this game too and judging from my professional knowledge, a female
college student couldn’t possibly play this well. I want to know how much Xiang Nuan has
spent rank boosting.  #smilence#

The malicious guess without any evidence nonetheless attracted a sleuth of agreement.

-- --I thought I was the only one to think so.

-- --OP, stand by your claim. There are many female college students who read this subforum.

-- --OP, don’t you know that sometimes you should keep your thoughts to yourself. Aren’t
you afraid of being attacked by others? Lin Chuyan had spent several tens of thousands RMB
on her after all.

-- --Is it that Lin Chuyan that people said was very poor? How did he become rich again?

-- --Aren’t we talking about Xiang Nuan? Why bring up Lin Chuyan? Somehow I feel that
Lin Chuyan is showing up everywhere. He’s everywhere on the forums?

-- --Pretty girls usually have good luck. Someone gives you money to spend, others help
you rank up, and there’s even someone to play the game for you. Hahaha.

Xiang Nuan got more and more annoyed as she continued to read.

Certainly, there were people who have kept a clear head.

-- --OP, have female college students done anything to you? I’m also a female college
student. What’s wrong with you?

-- --Evidence? It’s not nice to talk people like this without any evidence.

-- --The evidence is that she’s pretty. Hahaha…...I feel sorry for Xiang Nuan; being pretty
has turned out to be a shortcoming for her.

-- --I’ve reported.

Later on, OP provided “evidence.”  The evidence was from a post which showed that about
two months ago, Xiang Nuan was only a noob and was exposed pretending to be a grade
schooler in the game.

This piece of “evidence” added fuel to the discussion. Some people laughed and thought
they would have never known this side of Xiang Nuan. Some people thought this was the
ironclad proof that she had help. She had improved too much in just two months therefore
there must be someone helping her reach Master and play her matches. Some people
asked for more proof……

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  1. Wonder who's out there undermining XN - male or female??? Thanks for the update!

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