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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 23 Part 2

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 23 Part 2

Xiang Nuan asked: “Xuezhang, you broke up with your girlfriend?”

“No. It’s our sponsorship----it fell through!”

Waiwai wailed.

Xiang Nuan concluded from what Waiwai had told them: Originally, a cell phone
company had agreed to sponsor this semester’s esports competition. It was all
settled, but now the company wanted to back out of the deal and wouldn’t give
the Club any money. The competition had already started and the prizes had been
announced. Now without any funding, Waiwai Xuezhang didn’t know whether the
competition could go on as scheduled.

“It’s more serious than breaking up with a girlfriend!” Waiwai said.

Xiang Nuan felt sorry for him and asked: “Xuezhang, don’t you worry. How much
do you need? Maybe we can all chip in some?”

“We need at least 20,000 RMB.”

“Wow, that’s a lot……”

“Yeah, having everyone chip in would be a last resort. I was thinking of borrowing
some from Shen Zhemu. But I’m too embarrassed to do it, besides I don’t know
when I can pay back such a large amount of money. I don’t want to pay for the
whole event out of my own pocket! All I can do now is to find another sponsor as
quickly as possible. But I don’t know whether I can find one in such a short time.
I’m so worried that I can’t even sleep……”

Lin Chuyan had been silent up till now when he suddenly said: “I can find a way
to help.”

Waiwai’s eyes brightened up: “Really? What kind of connections do you have?”

“It’s hard to say. But I can try. However,” Lin Chuyan changed the subject: “I have
a condition.”

“What condition? Tell me, tell me. I’ll agree even if you want me to sell myself.”

Lin Chuyan shook his head: “Xuezhang, don’t take me wrong. Your body isn’t
worth much…...My condition is that, no matter how much funding I can get, after
deducting the 20,000 RMB you need you’ll have to let me have the rest.”

Waiwai excitedly patted his shoulder. “Haha, never knew that you’re this sly…...
Alright, I agree! It’s no problem!”

After Waiwai left, Xiang Nuan suspiciously looked at Lin Chuyan and asked: “Where
are you going to get sponsors?”

Lin Chuyan pursed his lips. “It’s a secret.”

She grew even more doubtful and asked with squinted eyes: “You…...aren’t going
to rip off somebody?”

“I’m a man with principles.” Lin Chuyan answered, looking quite earnest.

Lin Chuyan was principled----except for ripping off his dad, he wouldn’t rip off
anybody else.


Lin Chuyan started a game and Xiang Nuan’s attention was quickly switching to
the King’s Valley.

They sat side by side on the sofa. Xiang Nuan could see Lin Chuyan’s phone
screen if she turned her head slightly to the side. Lin Chuyan had his eyes fixed
on the game but all his attention was on Xiang Nuan.

Xiang Nuan was talking to herself: “How dare you kill my baby, wait! …...Wuwuwu
brother, you’re mistaken!......How could you kill the support, that’s inhumane…...
Come, come after me, hehehehe……”

“Why do you keep talking?” Lin Chuyan casually asked.

“Hm, am I talking?”


“Or no, I’m dead!” As she was distracted by the question, Zhang Fei got killed.

As she was waiting to revive, Xiang Nuan turned to check Lin Chuyan’s screen.

A strain of her soft and shiny black hair fell on his arm. He could smell the faint
fragrance of shampoo.

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