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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 18 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You
Chapter 18 Part 1

Xu Jimo had both hands in his pockets as he silently watched Qianxi perform her solo act.

Her world always seemed to be so carefree. She could afford to be willful, discarding the ‘better’ choices and purely pursue freedom and her own happiness.

Sometimes, Xu Jimo would find her world very alluring.

Yet, just because it was an enticing way to live, Xu Jimo cautioned himself not to get involved too much. It would be a betrayal of the real world to get involved in a wonderland.

After a long while, Qianxi noticed his unusual silence tonight. She turned around in puzzlement to look at him somewhat disappointedly.

It appeared he couldn’t hold back after all. He stepped forward and picked her up, with one arm under the legs and the other to support her back.

Qianxi struggled, “Hey, what are you doing……”

“Didn’t you twist your ankle?”

“......I’m a dignified cripple!”


The next morning, the fully awakened Ye Qianxi, when recalling what happened last night, wanted to drink three jars full of water and drown herself.

When she was whining with her solo act late at night in the hallway, she turned to find Xu Jimo seemingly unaffected. She felt like an underappreciated comedian.

As the dark cloud vegan to form over her head, her indifferent audience unexpectedly picked her up.

It was a bridal carry.

Qianxi still wanted to cover her face when thinking about it. She didn’t even remember how she got back to her room. At the time, half awake, she didn’t know what she was doing…...Heavens, it was so embarrassing.

She washed her face and went out for breakfast with a pair of dark circles under her eyes that were worse than the ones yesterday. She found Cheng Yang and Li Cang watching something on an iPad, even Cherry and Wei Lai crowded next to them, snickering.

What was so funny?

She held a plate full of sandwiches and went over to take a peek. She ended up seeing-- --a demonized version of herself.

Cheng Yang was still giggling when he saw her. He clasped his iPad like he had seen a ghost. “Young lady boss? ! Good morning, young lady boss!”

Li Cang was just as shocked. “Darn. You’ve scared me to death, young lady boss.”

Qianxi squinted and crooked her pinky. “Come, give it to me.”

“Don’t, young lady boss. This thing costs me half month’s pay. It’s my personal property.”

“Hehe, don’t you want this month’s pay?” She grabbed the iPad from Cheng Yang.

Oh, my goodness, it was even worse when seeing it with the iPad right in front of her.

She knew that make-up wouldn’t look good on the camera, but didn’t expect it to be this terrible. The cameraman even gave her a close-up with the petite Wei Lai in the same frame, which further exaggerated her bloody mouth, big face, and overly powdered white face. She looked like a middle aged woman on the camera since the lenses usually would blow out a person’s figure to begin with.

When the video first released online, the live comments went ballistic the moment her face showed up on the screen. They went like, [damn, a ghost!], [she has blinded me.], [my goodness, I’m watching this in the middle of the night and she made my son cry.]......

Cheng Yang and Li Cang carefully looked at her. “Don’t get too excited, young lady boss…...We just don’t have anything better to do while eating and took a look at it . We really weren’t laughing at you.”

Qianxi got even more indignant after hearing their ‘explanation.’ However, she couldn’t lose her temper. They still had a competition to play and she couldn’t do anything to disturb their mindsets.

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. She left for her room without finishing her breakfast.

When Xu Jimo showed up, Qianxi was nowhere to be found. He sat down across from the other KG players. Cheng Yang and Li Cang came up to him. One said, “Boss, when we left last night, we saw the young lady boss looking for you. Did she find you?”

The other said, “She must have! We didn’t hear the young lady boss going back to her room before we fell asleep. What were you two doing so late at night in the training room? Don’t tell us that you two were playing a game! We won’t believe it!”

Xu Jimo remained silent with a frosty face. The two stopped asking questions.

Xu Jimo gave out instruction while eating his breakfast, “We still have skirmishes tonight. One with ourselves and the other with another team. After you finish eating, go to the meeting room. We’ll go over last night’s problems. Have you all seen the replay?”

He raised his head and coldly looked around. The quietness told him that they either didn’t see it or just took a glimpse of it.

It would be a miracle for them to win with this kind of attitude.

Wei Lai quietly raised his hand with a look of guilt for betraying his teammates. “Hum…...I watched it, with Cherry.”

“Ok, you two will be the first to talk later on.” He put down the fork as if he had lost his appetite. “The others who didn’t watch it will have to talk, too. If you can’t give a summary from your memory, go watch the replay after you eat.”

He turned to look at the bright sunshine outside the window and tried to control his voice, “It’s good that we have a lively atmosphere in the team. But you have to know what’s important and what’s not. Understand?”

“We…...understand.” Cheng Yang hurriedly put the dishes away sensing that their boss was irritated. “I’m done. You guys take your time……”

Li Cang stuffed two more bites and said, “I’m done too……” and left right after.

Cherry patted Xu Jimo’s shoulder as if comforting him and left as well.

Only the youngest Wei Lai was left there. He felt that he had to say something and braced himself to plead, “Jimo Ge…...Cheng Yang Ge and Cang Ge don’t mean anything bad. They just feel that Qianxi Jie is such a nice person and want to make a match of you two.”

The young guy had a lot to say about the topic and Xu Jimo listened patiently.

“And about the replay…...We did play badly last night, but it’s partially because we deliberately did so. It was just a skirmish, if we played seriously then they could figure out all of our strategies. That’s why we were so passive in the match. I figure Cheng Yang Ge and them were also feeling the same way. We tested the water and felt the opponent wasn’t that good, so we didn’t pay much attention to it.” Wei Lai felt he had never said so many words in his whole life. He took a breath and forgot what he was talking about a moment ago. He somehow returned to the previous topic, “Oh, by the way, I also feel Qianxi Jie is quite nice!”

“What can a little kid know.”

Wei Lai grew embarrassed, his face turning red. “I know a lot! Don’t you deny it. You like Qianxi Jie!”
He had used up all of his courage for the day and ran away like a rabbit.

Xu Jimo sat motionless next to the window for a long while.

Even the youngest Wei Lai could gave a speech on the topic. It was time to get to the bottom of the problem.

Perhaps, it was him, rather than them, who should bring his mind back onto more important things.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com