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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 17 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 17 Part 2

“I……” Qianxi choked on a mouthful of seafood noodles. She jumped for the hot water bag. She had forgotten about it when she saw the food!

She put the chopsticks down and came up with an absurd excuse which even she couldn’t understand herself, “I guessed that my food would be cold, so I brought it with me… warm it up……”

Qianxi swallowed the seafood noodles and watched Xu Jimo nervously. His expression seemed to say that he was laughing inside.

She felt that her good will was underappreciated and grabbed the bag back. “Life is already difficult, why expose this kind of thing……”

“This kind of thing, what thing?”

“It’s……” Qianxi instantly realized that she had fallen into a trap. She looked at him in disdain. “Just go ahead, tell me what you want to hear? That I worry about you? That I’m concerned about you? That I feel bad for you? That I like……”

The word “you” was stuck in her throat when she stopped herself in time. She looked at him defensively, “That last one… no good. Scratch it from the list!”

Xu Jimo glanced at the video play at x4 speed, “What else?”

“Else……maybe all of them.” Qianxi poked some shellfish in the noodle. “I was a compassionate person since I was little. Any baby animal, cat, dog, bird, or mice…...If I saw any sick animal, I wanted to treat them. Even my elementary teacher said that I’d be good at studying medicine.”

Her eyebrows tightened, she spoke bitterly, “I don’t know why my parents never discovered my talent. They just refuse to let me study medicine.”

“Perhaps it’s just that they have seen your other talents.”

“You mean making money?” Qianxi thought about it and seemed to agree. “But I’m not good at spending the money, therefore, I’m not that interested in making money. Ah, come to think of it, it’s really a shame.”

She did feel it was such a pity before.

If only her life dream was to be a rich woman or marry into a rich family, then she could be carefree and live a perfectly happy life.

Why…...was she looking for trouble for herself?

She couldn’t stop the urge to laugh at herself.

Xu Jimo focused on the video, occasionally taking notes. Qianxi glanced over and saw a lot of terms that she didn’t fully understand. “Does this take a long time?”

“I’m almost done.” He switched to another video. “We’re going to have a meeting tomorrow. I have to finish watching them tonight.”

“Is it urgent?”

“En.” To be exact, based on the condition of the team, they would probably head home on the first day of competition. The situation was too serious to take it easy now.

Qianxi twitched her lips without knowing what to do.

When she was still working in the hospital, she had seen these kind of vip patients. Most of them were in bad health but couldn’t let go of their work. They would turn a deaf ear to the advices from doctors. She understood their mentality well since her father was one of them.

People, sometime they will value certain things more than the length of their lives.

She rested her arms and head on the desk. “I’ll keep you company, then.”


“I’ll just sit here. I won’t disturb you.” Qianxi slept on the desk like she had returned to her old school days and turned to glance at him. “Then, you would think since there’s someone else staying up to keep you company, you would be considerate enough to not stay up too late.”

She winked and said confidently, “Since I’m so cute after all, am I?”

She then stood up and complained, “You were just smiling. Why do you have to hold it whenever you’re smiling? I have never seen you really smile.”

He finally spoke, “Didn’t you say that you won’t bother me?”

“Hey……” He wasn’t very friendly.

Qianxi turned with her back facing him. “Then I won’t talk anymore. You concentrate on your analysis.”

From his angle, he could see a puffing cheek.

He really felt like poking it.

Xu Jimo abruptly turned his head back to look at the screen.  Where was he? He checked his notes and adjusted his breathing so as not to be distracted by her.

He gradually settled down and forgot about his surroundings. When he finally jot down everything, it was almost daybreak. Qianxi was sleeping soundly on the desk. Xu Jimo turned off the computer and quietly moved his chair. Before he could put the chair back, Qianxi suddenly woke up with blurry eyes. “Are you done? What time is it……”

He picked up his phone and found it was out of battery. “You have my watch.”

“Oh……” Qianxi started searching over her body in a confused state. “I thought I brought it with me…...why is it not here?”

“Nevermind, look for it tomorrow.” He ordered, “Go sleep now.”

The sleepy Qianxi was very obedient. She walked out of the room while rubbing her eyes, almost tripping and bumped into the door frame with her forehead.

He was like a helmsman, keeping her going straight. “Why didn’t you go sleep if you’re so tired?”

“I said I’ll keep you company. I’m the kind of person who keeps her word……” She slightly twisted her ankle which made her tear up. Yet she kept hobbling forward while mumbling, “My bed… bed…...I’m not staying away from you on purpose. I’m so cute and still there’s someone who would let me stay up the whole night…...the whole night…...oh, it hurts.”

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  1. I read it then my friend who read it over my shoulder whistled. I asked her why. She said that Qianxi's words are somewhat ambiguous and could be easily interpreted in a different way. I had to read it three more times to understand. Am I a tube light? I like to interpret it as that the authors work being very subtle and the translators are excellent rather than me being slow.

  2. Thanks for the translation😘