Saturday, November 26, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 25

She had met All seven years ago.
In 2003, Chinese esports was full of uncertainty.
At that time there were no commercial clubs; all the teams were formed by the players themselves, compared to foreign teams it was like comparing the earth to the heavens.  Most players came out of internet cafes and disappeared in a flash; no one had any long term plans.
They didn’t know how to plan for anything long term either.

The winter of that year was especially cold.  The internet cafe was freezing; she sat next to Solo and couldn’t stand the cold anymore.  She stood up to stamp her feet and asked Solo, “Aren’t you cold?”
Solo laughed and turned his hand around to hold her hand.
His hand was as cold as ice and she instantly cried out.
People in the cafe turned to look at her.  She was so embarrassed that she kept staring at him and whispered, “You should warn me first……”  Solo didn’t let go and pulled her over to sit on his lap. He brought his hands around her waist.  “If it’s too much for you, just go home.”
“That can’t do.”  She put both of his hands in hers.  “You said it’s more effective to do real game at the cafe than at home.  I’ve finally gotten a feel for it……”
Most of the time she was at home playing by herself.
Everyday only between seven and eight o’clock, she could get away and come out to keep him company.  How could she bear to leave early?
“Aiyo.”  That was when All first showed up.  The first thing he said was, “Solo, is this your little girlfriend?”
His words shocked her so much, she was too embarrassed to continue sitting on Solo’s lap.  She flushed and stood up, looking with astonishment at the big boy who had just taken off his hat to reveal a big bald head.  She was too young at the time; every time someone saw her with Solo, she would hide with a red face like she had done something wrong.
“The future sniper.”  Solo introduced her.  “She’s only 14.”
Because of what he had said, All looked at her with curiosity.
Sniper, that’s the position he had assigned her from the beginning.

In those days, he had shown her many videos so she could see how foreign first generation top snipers play.
Actually, in the beginning, she thought esports was not much different with those qq games[1].  The difference was only that there were time and player limitations.  But when he told her that in many international competitions, those who won would receive awards draped in their national flag just like athletes, she truly felt the difference.

When their team won almost all the CS events in China and became the indisputable champion, a female player who hadn’t competed for a while suddenly showed up and told him that he had a two year old child.
At that time, all she needed to do was to study everyday and get good grades to make her parents happy, then she would keep competing.  She was young then, she lived a happy life and didn’t have to ponder her future.
But he already had to take responsibility for an accidental life.

[1]: Never heard of it.  Wiki link:

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