Saturday, November 19, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 23

“14?  I remembered he was 15 at WCG.”
“There was an ID on called Momomo[1].  Have you ever seen it?”

The name sounded very familiar.
She tried very hard to dig it out of her memory and finally remembered the name……

That was the year after she and Solo’s team was disbanded and when Solo emerged as a dark horse in Warcraft.  She remembered the summer of that year, she would sometimes go on and notice this ID.

Momomo and Solo had a breathtaking showdown on
It was deadlocked for 70 minutes.  In the end, both sides exhausted their resources and couldn’t do anything to each other. It ended with a ‘draw’.  For Warcraft, the word ‘draw’ was something unheard of.

Ever since the release of Warcraft in 2003, from I to III, there were only two ‘draws’ in those eight years and they all happened at important international competitions.  So, when the video from was made public… shocked the whole Warcraft world.
Although after the draw, they started another game and Momomo lost to Solo, 0 : 2.
But the draw still became a legend.
Since someone revealed Momomo’s age --- --- 14.
Solo at the time was 21.

“He’s too young, can’t qualify for international games.”  After watching the video of that game, Slide pointed at Momomo’s ID and said,  “If he keeps it up, he will absolutely sweep the Warcraft world.”

Ai Qing couldn’t believe that Dt was Momomo, but it seemed that it could only be him.
She looked at 97 and finally found the answer to her suspicion three years ago.  “No wonder he acted like he knew Solo very well from the beginning.”
“Interested?”  97 grinningly looked at her.

Ai Qing instantly understood what he meant.  “Ah, give me a break.  I’m not interested in someone younger than me……”
More and more students, wearing the same uniforms, noisily biked pass them and cut their conversation short.  Dt finally got to the front of the line, picked a few items, and quickly paid for them.  He then specially turned his head to look at their direction.
Ai Qing gestured, pointing to the duck’s tongues.
Dt didn’t get it; Ai Qing had no choice but to point at her own tongue……
Dt stared at Ai Qing trying to understand until the young cashier started laughing. She reminded him that Ai Qing probably wanted duck tongues.  Dt finally got it and silently pointed at duck tongues.  The young lady quickly weighed up half a pound and handed to him.

It was close to nine at night as they made their way back to the hotel.

Grunt with Ai Jing walked ahead of Ai Qing and the other two.  Ai Qing seemed to see herself from all those years ago as she watched Ai Jing excitedly asking about what items to buy and how to coordinate with the team.
She felt a bit dejected but at the same time thought that it was very cute.

Grunt walked them to the door of their hotel room. Ai Jing whispered something and Grunt suddenly lowered his head and lightly kissed Ai Jing’s cheek.
Ai Qing was half a step behind them and instinctively coughed. “Well, let me go in first?”
Grunt slowing moved away from the door.  As Ai Qing walked past, he abruptly said,  “I remembered something.”
She and Ai Jing turned their eyes on him at the same time.

“Actually, this time I came to Chengdu for another game.”  Grunt said,  “this time, they also invited some international esport players to play a Starcraft II invitational.  Beat It.  Are you interested?”
Beat It was the CS international esports invitational.
Usually at a single event international competition, there will be invitational for one or two other games with star players.  As the name implied, they would invite idols from the esports circle to attract audiences for the competition.

Since it’s Starcraft II, anyone who could play against Grunt had to be him.
“Not interested.”  She took out the card key and swiped open the door.

[1]: 默默默, pinyin: “mo mo mo,” literally is just “silent silent silent”

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  1. Seems really sad that she's just avoiding esports now even though she likes it so much, just because of Solo