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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 157 Part 4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 157 Part 4

Tong Yao softly tapped on Lu Sicheng’s shoulder…… Seeing that Lu Sicheng didn’t seem to notice, she used more force and patted him-- --Lu Sicheng was holding her in his arms so she wouldn’t slip off the bed, but at the same time he was cautious not to hold her too tightly. As he was sidetracked, he was caught off guard by the force and leaned to the side.

Surprised, Tong Yao quickly retracted her hand.

Lu Sicheng sighed, rubbed her hair, and used his big hand to pull her closer to him-- --At first, Tong Yao was still struggling, but after a while, she realized that she couldn’t match his strength and gave up the struggle.

While both of them were quiet, Tong Yao could feel his hand had moved from the back of her head down to stroke her back as if to pacify her. Then the hand landed on her hand, his fingers moved in between her fingers, his slightly rough thumb tapped her middle finger as if he was thinking about something-- --

“We’re going to have one sooner or later, why are you panicking so much? Even crying over it, what have I said that made you cry? Did I say I don’t want it? I was just asking your own thoughts about it. I’m afraid that you have concerns about going back to school or playing games. If I said let’s have it but you aren’t happy about it, then what? You would blame me. Now that you don’t have anything against it, I certainly wouldn’t either…… Tsk, anyway, we have to make sure you’re really pregnant first. If you are, let’s get the US visa first? Before the world tournament, I’ll take you to Las Vegas first. We have to wait for two more years before getting married because you’re still too young to meet the legal marrying age in this country. I plan to go get the marriage certificate the day you reach the legal age anyway. Then the anniversary day would be the same day as your birthday, we can save a cake even…… Uhr, we need to buy rings no matter what. It’s kind of rushed, I wonder whether we have enough time if we order now. What brand do you like? Though I can afford whatever you choose, I can give you some time to search on Baidu to see which brand is the most expensive-- --”

Lu Sicheng spoke randomly, jumping from topic to topic. Something didn’t feel right to Tong Yao as she listened to him.

She lifted her head up: “Who’s going to marry you?”

Lu Sicheng paused and raised his eyebrows: “You’re not going to?”

Tong Yao: “......”

Lu Sicheng: “?”

Tong Yao: “There’s no roses, no kneeling down, even the 8 carat diamond ring you have promised would come afterwards. You think I will marry you just from wrapping me in a blanket in your arms? Are you a bandit from some hill top?”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao frowned: “I’m not! Go away!”

Lu Sicheng raised his hand to pat her forehead: “You’re so haughty because you’ve been spoiled.”

Tong Yao shrank her neck back, looked at him for a while, mumbled something, then leaned back against him-- --It was warm and secure in his arms. His calmness and ease also influenced Tong Yao. The anxiety and doubt from earlier had somewhat dissipated by now. Tong Yao closed her eyes and reached over with both of her hands to embrace his waist.

“......So, which brand of diamonds is the most expensive?”

“I’m sorry, this is my first time getting married. I don’t know either. I’ll let you know when I have some experience?”



“......I’m telling you this doesn’t count as a proposal.”

“Alright, it doesn’t count.”

“Formality is very important. I’m a traditional woman.”

“All you're concerned about is that 8 carat diamond ring.”

“There must be roses as well.”

“What else do you want, tell me all at once.”

Tong Yao thought about it.

“Why don’t you hire a helicopter to sprinkle roses from the sky? There’s no need for a banner, it’s too tacky. Just the roses would be fine. It can sprinkle all the way from the community gate to the base and cover the roof with roses-- --”

“Tong Yao.”


“That’s a bit over the top.”


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