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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 154 Part 2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 154 Part 2

Ming god: “It’s the finals and you guys are discussing champion skins here. Is this not intense enough for you all? Whoever talks nonsense again gets their tongue removed.”

Everyone: “......”

Ming god’s words were always the wake-up call for everyone since he’s always the one who kept a cool head when everyone else was fooling around…… In addition to the fact that he was the most senior one, he was always reliable in any critical moment as well-- --For example, the fact that he could suggest Diana for Tong Yao to take as her champion had earned him respect from the others. No one had really pondered about how Tong Yao could play to get an advantage when facing a mid player that she couldn’t counter. Everyone only thought about a temporary solution which was staying low and waiting for others in the team to carry the game.

Even though everyone knew that Tong Yao wasn’t used to this kind of play style, no one could come up with a better solution. Even Lu Sicheng, who had discussed with the coaching team about this problem in private long ago, didn’t think up a good solution at the moment. At least, after the first round when Tong Yao was frustrated, he hadn’t come up with the best way to resolve the problem. He could only go along with the rest of the team and ask Tong Yao to lay low-- --

At a tense moment like this, Ming god kept his cool and suddenly came up with a good solution.

Since the last round, within the span of little over ten minutes, Ming god had come up with a champion that could temporarily solve the problem, Diana.

Diana was a champion who had to keep a low profile in order to develop in the early game. After she became more developed and reached level 6, she became a great burster. Considering the current situation, she was the perfect champion for a player like Tong Yao at the moment. It wasn’t her teammates who had asked her to play conservatively, it was the character of the champion who required her to focus on the champion’s development in the early stage. After reaching level 6 and the game enters the later stages of the laning phase, then she could be aggressive again with this champion. Playing Diana would make sure that Tong Yao wouldn’t necessarily fall behind during the laning phase, it was very possible that she could carry or even take over the game in the late game.

After taking Diana, at least Tong Yao wouldn’t be mulling over all sorts of worries like she couldn’t be aggressive in the early game because she couldn’t counter the other mid, or how she couldn’t get on top of the other mid, or how she was just waiting for her teammates to win. The hope was that she could be more relaxed in the next match.

-- --Overall, Diana was a very good and unexpected choice for her.

Towards the end of the ban & pick phase, the last pick of ZGDX was Diana. At the very least, the move truly entertained the audience-- --The players, with their headphones on, couldn’t hear the commotion in the audience when they locked in Diana, but the commentators and the viewers of the stream heard it quite clearly!

Commentator A: [Diana! ZGDX has come up with Diana to counter Viktor!]

Commentator B: [What an unexpected move, truly unexpected-- --Smiling’s champion pool is truly like what her fans boast about. She created a new trend with her Syndra play before and Twisted Fate and Leblanc always get banned whenever she’s playing. Now she’s taken out Diana!]

Commentator A laughed out loud: [This is a good thing. I believe all the fans and the audience would like to see something different in finals.]

Commentator B: [We just don’t know yet whether this Diana will surprise us like her Syndra did before-- --Well, think about it carefully, Diana is rather well suited for Smiling under the current situation. In the early game, she can’t counter Ai Jia so she might as well play defensively and focus on developing her champion. In the late game, she doesn’t have to be so passive anymore and her champion will be ready for a fight, she can then go on a rampage-- --Ah, come to think about it, it was really a good pick to take down Diana!]

Commentator A: [......That’s why some have said that games start or even end at the ban & pick phase. Compared to the players, coaches and data analysts are actually very important as well.]

As Commentator A finished speaking, ZGDX fans had already started shouting “Ming god” “Ming god”.

Commentator A laughed: [I know it’s your Ming god who’s doing the ban & pick, didn’t I just praise him? I know, I know. Ming god, good job!]

The audience burst into laughter.

Amid the laughter, the ban & pick phase ended. Coaches from both teams walked up to shake hands. The two coaches knew each other quite well. After shaking hands, they slapped each other’s shoulder laughing and joking as they walked off the stage hand in hand as the whole audience watched.

At the same time, the big screen showed the loading screen, the match would soon begin.

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