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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 88 Part 1

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 88 Part 1

After Yang Yin and the others returned, the food Xiang Nuan had ordered also arrived. They transferred the food from takeout boxes onto plates. Now it looked like the food had been entirely home made. Xiang Nuan quite enjoyed the homey feeling.

It was a clear day without any wind and since there weren’t any bugs in the garden, they decided to eat outside.

“Oblivion is coming.” Lu Chuyan said as he put down his cell phone. “He’s at the door now.”

“Really? Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

Lin Chuyan didn’t answer and just quietly looked at Xiang Nuan, the unfairness was visible in his eyes.

It was Xiang Nuan who had pushed him out the door before he had the chance to tell her.

Xiang Nuan scratched the back of her head and said: “How does Oblivion have the time to come over?”

“He asked for leave for a few hours.”

-- --

Oblivion came in carrying a nylon mesh bag with a round blackish thing in it. Xiang Nuan thought he was carrying a watermelon. When he came nearer, she discovered that it was a jug.

“What’s this?” Xiang Nuan asked out of curiosity.

Oblivion put the jug on the table carefully and said with a smile: “Take a look.”

Xiang Nuan came closer and walked around the table to check out the jug. Chen Yinghu was also curious and stood opposite of Xiang Nuan and circled around the jug in the same direction as Xiang Nuan.

Lin Chuyan was amused by the two: “Are you two doing a duet?”

Xiang Nuan looked up at Oblivion with a laugh: “Is this a jug of rice wine?”


“Can I open it?”

Oblivion nodded: “I brought it here to drink.”

Xiang Nuan lifted the seal of the jug and peeked inside. She saw the liquid inside was still slightly rolling from side to side and the moon was reflected on the surface. A full-bodied aromatic smell came out the jug. Xiang Nuan took a deep breath with closed eyes: “Ah, it smells so good!”

Lin Chuyan used the back of his finger to tap on Xiang Nuan’s head: “A little boozebag.”

Yang Yin also smelled the rice wine and asked Oblivion: “Why is this wine so aromatic? How old is this wine?”

“Twenty years.”


Even Lin Chuyan was surprised and asked: “Why do you have such a precious thing?”

“My family made it when I was born.” He paused after saying so and looked a little embarrassed.

Yang Yin understood: “Is it for when you get married?”

Oblivion didn’t answer but blushed a little, silently admitting to it.

Xiang Nuan felt uneasy about drinking the wine now: “Such an important jug of wine. If we drink it now…...it doesn’t feel right?”

“Good wine should be for good people, it’s quite alright.”

Xiang Nuan was brimming with joy hearing what Oblivion said.

They all sat down around the table and chatted as they ate.

It was a happy occasion with good friends and good wine.

Xiang Nuan took a small sip of the wine and squinted her eyes as she savored it. Lin Chuyan could tell from the look on her face that she probably would drink quite a lot tonight. He consciously controlled the amount he was drinking and made sure that at least one of them wouldn’t get drunk. His love rival sitting right next to him after all…...  

His love rival seemed to think the same way and happened to glance at him at the same time. The two men looked at each other, then both turned their faces away.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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