Monday, May 8, 2017

Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 32

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 32

“Hoo, alright.” Within a second, Ai Qing turned back into Apple Dog again and concluded with a red face, “That’s all.  I’ll just sound weird if I keep talking……”
SP people all laughed.
She sat down.  Baona, sitting besides her, lightly clapped his right hand against the palm of his left. “No wonder you are the top commentator.”
“So many people are watching.  I have to give a pretty speech for the sake of SP.”  She pouted her mouth toward the referee area in the distance. “He’s worked so hard to put this team together.  The pressure from using retired players must be a lot more on him than us.”
“Solo?”  Baona looked at the referee area also.  “Yeah, there were quite a few in doubt about his recent decision.”
Ai Qing believed that she wasn’t the only one who knew about it, all of his old teammates were well aware of the immense pressure to re-assembling this team again.  They had to pick up the pieces from when they retired all those years ago, their state of mind and experiences.
All of this wasn’t something that could be achieved from just talking.
And not just in China, but there were also many large clubs in other countries, even inside SP, their powerful B team, were all geared up ready to surpass this team.

The opening performance finished after half an hour.  Then began today’s competition drawings.
On the big screen, the names of each team which had drawn were passing through the big screen one by one.  There were little-known teams as well as very famous teams.  The cheers doubled when the Korean team names were displayed.
The big screen displayed the battle matrix three minutes later after the drawings had closed.

The preliminaries were divided into four groups.
Each group had twelve teams distributed in six areas.  Six referees supervised the competition simultaneously.
SP was in the fourth group.
And K&K was in the first group.  The competition starts at 10 o’clock in the morning.
At 9:45AM, the stadium’s loud speaker began to announce that the first group would start after fifteen minutes and the competition teams may start to enter the arena and prepare.  Accompanying the repeating announcements, people began to enter the arena from the rest areas for European and Asian teams and the hosting country, Korea.
One European team even carried their own monitors.  They carried it into the arena and connected them to the host computer.
Soon she heard some people not far behind her who were looking for something, standing up, and talking in low voices.

K&K people was preparing to enter the arena.
This was China’s first team for a group competition and it naturally attracted much attention.

Ai Qing was SP’s manager so she sat right in the first row in Chinese area, right by the only passageway for all Chinese players to enter the area.  She looked at them as they passed by her, one by one.
The first one was Grunt, then it was 97 and two other boys.  The last one was Dt.
He held a mouse and keyboard in one hand.  Because he was so tall and wore a hat, he was used to lower his head as he walked. His eyes accidentally met with hers.
He passed by her in a short half of a second.
But he clearly heard that girl speak to him from behind,

“Good luck.”

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