Monday, May 1, 2017

Secret Room Book 1 - Chapter 30

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 30

“He’s a very nice person.”
These were the words she said in the end.
Regarding Gun’s past winning records, character, and habits, those were recorded in the history of esports forums.  His most faithful fans could recall from memory his short retirement post, forwards and backwards.
“In the past two years and three months, I have won, lost, laughed, cried, been questioned, been the topic of gossip, been criticized, and set up by shady plots, but I never try to defend myself.  I don’t need to.  Tonight, the gorgeous feast has finally ended.  I have achieved fame and success, though it’s full of absurdity.”
He had been retired for 10 years.
He really hadn’t shown up anywhere.
This time, he came back.  He was already twenty-nine years old and he could never be an active player again.

Though she didn’t talk about it, she still felt a little bit uneasy when she thought about the past.  She found an excuse and hurriedly left Baona’s villa with Dt. After they departed at the intersection, she took a walk around the small building she was staying.  After three or four laps around the building, what lingering feelings she had slowly disappeared from her mind.

The next day, Baona gave her a new name tag before they entered the stadium.  She lowered her head to take a look.
SP-MS (Secret Room Storm) Manager
Appledog / Ai Qing

After staring at the tag for a while, finally she pulled the blue string out of the name tag and put it around her neck.  Originally, she had decided to solely be a game commentator and never involve herself in any of SP’s esports operations. But she hesitated the moment she saw the name tag.  It was like a year ago, what Solo had told her after he called her out to meet.  “Some people have a lifetime dream which will make their blood boil.  You will never be content with yourself, Ai Qing, if you haven’t won the actual world championship or you haven’t tasted the grand slam, or you haven’t carried the national flag for your most loved game.”
Not content with myself?

“I thought you wouldn’t accept it.”  Baona expressed his surprise in a low voice.
After all Ai Qing now was the top commentator; she had a fixed number of fans and a very high hit rate.
She earned the highest income inside SP, except for those in upper management.  The little pay of a manager with a busy training schedule in addition to a plethora of tedious work, even he, as the boss, wasn’t sure that he could convince her to take the position.
“I haven’t won the world championship yet.”  Ai Qing thought a bit and said, “Based on this reason, it looks like Solo is still the one who understands me……”
Solo had made the announcement directly without even asking her first.
“Ha, I can’t compare with you two’s friendship.”  Baona held his name tag, waved it to the security guard at the VIP entrance and walked in with her together.  This entrance was the direct access to the area for Chinese clubs right in front of the stage.  They were a bit late because they had been in a phone conference with the SP team manager who was in Europe for competition. People from all the clubs were already sitting in their seats.

Ai Qing walked to the third row in the front with her name tag on.  Her could see from the corner of her eyes that the entire K&K team was all there.  In the first row sat Gun, Grunt, 97, and Dt.