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You're Beautiful When You Smile - Chapter 97 Part 1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 97 Part 1

The release of the group interview video created a small earthquake in the fans circle. Many players and people who worked in the esports business shared the Weibo post on their own. In a very short period of time, the post was shared more than ten thousand times. The responses varied……

[My idol said it well. Though we call him hubby all the time, everyone has his or her own life. To like a person should be to wish him a good life, right?]

[Liking can be presumptuous, but love should be with restraint.]

[How the hell is there any correlation between falling in love and playing a good game or not? Huh?!]

[Let me be frank, those fans who harassed Ai Jia’s girlfriend should be taught a lesson. What does the couple’s relationship have anything to do with you?]

[Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, well said. My Cheng Ge has a proper outlook on life. Those fans who hang around the gates of club bases everyday to stalk the players should know their limits.]

-- --These were the comments that agreed with Lu Sicheng’s statement.

[I understand what he said. But they’re paid so well, shouldn’t they just play well when they’re competing? Certainly, you can argue that we’re not the ones paying them.]

[I can’t accept the player I like having a girlfriend. Though I know it’ll happen sooner or later, I’ll stop being his fan when it happens.]

[Can’t accept Cheng Ge having a girlfriend, it’s as simple as that.]

[Oh, it doesn’t matter. If you have a girlfriend, I’ll just stop being your fan.]

[Even if the girlfriend is Marilyn Monroe, I’ll still be against it to the end. Certainly if she died early like Marilyn Monroe, then nevermind. You’re welcome to call me a moron, I am one! ! ! ! !]

[..................................................................I understand everything. But all of you who stand on the stage don’t really know anything about the humble love of us fans? Come closer to the stage and stay further away from your personal life? It’s too selfish to say those words.]

-- --These were in opposition to Lu Sicheng’s words.

There were some others that seemed to have missed the point-- --

[Damn, damn, damn, my Cheng Ge has someone he likes, ahhhhhh! This is the damn point, my friends!]

[I don’t believe Cheng Ge could like a human being : ) I don’t believe it.]

[Cheng Ge, you’re either streaming at base or in the arena playing competitions everyday and at your base, everyone except Smiling is male, even the cockroach is male. Where can you find a girl you like!]

[You’re just talking nonsense with a straight face.]

[Unless you have something going on with Smiling, otherwise the other possibility would be that support who always takes your siege minion or red buff.]

[Reading what was said above, I suddenly have the feeling that the fact that Smiling is still alive is powerful proof in itself that Cheng Ge likes her.]



Riding inside the bus on the way back to the base, Tong Yao read every comment under the post of that interview video. Then she suddenly noticed one which had only a few dozens like-- --

[Have a Cheng-Yao candy today. I know they’ve been paired together before, but I still want to say: When Cheng Ge was saying the last sentence, his right hand went under the tablecloth. At the same time, Smiling’s hand was also under the table. Cheng Ge’s hand moved a bit, so, what have you two been doing?]

Tong Yao gasped and her hand shook, dropping her phone onto her lap.

Translated by Team DHH at


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  6. fans can yap all they want.. but if they win what else is there to complain about? girlfriend? boyfriend? married? what does that matter if they're still going up on that stage and competing and winning, that's what you're there to see and that's what they're paid to do, everything else is their choice and none of the fans' business.

  7. Such fans attitude is still outrageous I would say. I can still understand if fans condemn an idol that behaves improperly, having a scandal as a third wheel in other's marriage, or drug scandal for example, because despite being a private matters... as idols they are role models of their fans, they would set bad example for young generations, so it is reasonable to criticise and condemn such action.
    But to harass their own idols simply because they are having a relationship is a total mess in their brain.
    Who do they think they are to decide upon someone's choice of partner?
    Even parents should actually only give guidance, advises but have no right to control their adult children, so what right do the fans have to control the idol's private issues?
    Do they even have right to be jealous at all? Do they expect a celebrity to stay single all their life until the fans get bored of them?
    How ridiculous.

    Do they

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