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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 47 Part 3

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

Those Sweet Times
Chapter 47 Part 3

Xiang Nuan pulled on Lin Chuyan’s arm to see the exchange between Oblivion and Lin Chuyan. She was anxious but afraid to speak aloud, even her face was turning slightly red from trying to suppress her eagerness to know: “When did you two hook up together? Why don’t I know about it?”

Lin Chuyan laughed: “You look as if you’ve caught us in bed.” The last two words were delivered with the slow exhalation of his breath.

Xiang Nuan grew uncomfortable: “Hey……”

Lin Chuyan lightly patted the back of Xiang Nuan’s hand and said: “I think he’s quite a nice person.”

Xiang Nuan was speechless. She couldn’t get over the fact that she had met both Chen Yinghu and Oblivion first, then they all became good friends with Lin Chuyan.

To vent her displeasure, Xiang Nuan changed her remark on Lin Chuyan’s WeChat account to “social butterfly.”

Not to be outdone, Lin Chuyan also changed his remark for her to “little silly.”

They even rhymed……

Xiang Nuan couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Finally, after some negotiation, both of them changed the remarks back.

-- --

Lin Chuyan became sleepy right after midnight, yawning constantly. Xiang Nuan offered him a can of coffee but he refused.

Xiang Nuan thought he was going to overcome the drowsiness with just will power. She didn’t expect he would simply fall asleep on the desk.

It didn’t seem like he was concerned about the final exam at all.

Though neither of them were diligent students, Xiang Nuan still despised him.

With Lin Chuyan sleeping next to her, she felt even drowsier than before. If she couldn’t find something exciting to do, she’d soon fall asleep too.

She came up with a good idea. She was exhilarated from just thinking about it and accidentally chuckled aloud.

Shen Zemu took a glance at her.

Xiang Nuan took out several colored highlighters and one black marker. She painted Lin Chuyan’s face as if it were a drawing board. She painted with great vigor, laughing as she put colors on his face.

Shen Zemu shook his head, concern for the retard in his eyes.

To tell the truth, he was starting to doubt his own aesthetic taste.

After drawing for a while, Xiang Nuan took pictures of his face from different angles and felt quite refreshed.


After napping for a little over an hour, Lin Chuyan’s arms grew numb and he woke up in a daze.

He saw Xiang Nuan was sleeping, with two jackets on her; one was her own jacket and the other was Shen Zemu’s.

Lin Chuyan, with a straight face, lifted Shen Zemu’s jacket and put it on himself then put his own jacket onto Xiang Nuan’s body.

Shen Zemu was stupefied: “......” Did this person know the word shame??

“I especially want to wear Xuezhang’s jacket.” Lin Chuyan told him with a face full of scrawls and doodles.

Probably because it was so late into the night, Shen Zemu finally lost his self-control: “Get lost.”

He at least knew what shame was as he was too embarrassed to take the jacket off Lin Chuyan.

Lin Chuyan heedlessly left for the bathroom wearing Shen Zemu’s jacket.

There were always a multitude of ghost stories about bathrooms after midnight. There was a student relieving himself when Lin Chuyan walked in. The student heard him enter and turned to take a look. Under the dim white light, he saw someone walking with a ghostly face.

“Ah! ! !” The student screamed, directing his stream towards the wall.

Lin Chuyan was confused at how he could frighten a man so much: “Am I a ghost?”

“Yes, yes!”

Lin Chuyan sensed that something wasn’t right. He hurriedly went in front of the mirror and saw his face. He squinted and gritted his teeth: “Xiang - Nuan.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com.

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