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Those Sweet Times - Chapter 46 Part 4

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Those Sweet Times
Chapter 46 Part 4

Lin Chuyan sent out a message to his friend circle: Is there anyone who plans to pull an all-nighter?

He had set permissions for his friend circle; so only Xiang Nuan could see this post.

After sending the message, Lin Chuyan pretended to send out a reply: Don’t need to talk dirty if you don’t want to go.

The reply in Xiang Nuan’s eyes meant that Lin Chuyan had asked someone to go study with him and got turned down……

She could feel his struggle even through the screen.

Being a student who didn’t study through the semester like Lin Chuyan, Xiang Nuan could feel his pain. She liked his post and comforted him: Go for it!

Lin Chuyan replied: Thanks. I only wanted to find someone who could watch over me. Otherwise, it’s too easy to fall asleep.

Xiang Nuan was reminded how she had fallen asleep inside the study room and related to his situation even more.

After a while, Lin Chuyan asked Xiang Nuan: You aren’t going to stay up all night, are you?

Xiang Nuan: Hmph, I am.

Lin Chuyan: Then why don’t we study together to keep an eye on each other. That would be much more efficient.

Xiang Nuan: But we aren’t at the same campus.

Lin Chuyan: That’s simple. I’ll catch a cab and be there in half an hour.

Xiang Nuan: Wouldn’t it be too troublesome for you?

Lin Chuyan: What trouble? I’ll be riding inside a car, not carrying the car on my back. Besides, it’s hard to get a seat here in our study rooms.

Xiang Nuan: Oh, really? Then come over, we’ll study together.


After dinner that night, Shen Zemu went to the all nighter room to get seats as usual. Two people arrived instead of one.

Lin Chuyan: “Xuezhang, you’re here to study the whole night?”

Shen Zemu: “En.”

One of the men had a spurious smile on his face, the other remained unperturbed. However, both of them were thinking “hehe” inside their minds.

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