Monday, February 27, 2017

Secret Room: Book 1 - Chapter 12

Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room
Book 1: The Storm is Coming
Chapter 12

The official promotional activities and exhibition games started the next day.
When SP arrived, the stands of the entire outdoor stadium was already filled.   All thirty-seven clubs that had been invited sat on the green lawn inside the stadium.  Ai Qing walked in from the VIP entrance.  She briefly looked around the arena; European and American clubs were at the left front of the stage, Korean clubs were at the center front, and the clubs from China were all situated at the right front.

The first three rows of seats of the Chinese area were empty before SP arrived.
And the fourth and the fifth rows were for K&K people.

“Ai Qing.”  97 stood up and waved to her when he saw her. “I haven’t seen you for a long time.”
Actually it was not that long.
She had seen 97 in one competition event last year.
In any case, she had to go over and say hello since he already greeted her.  She bent over and walked around to the fourth row after all the team members had sat down.  She crouched down and asked them, “What brings you all to Korea?”
“These two came here for this video game.”  97 answered with smile.  “I just came here to watch the fun.  I have not decided whether to pick up this game or not.”
Came here for this video game?
“Did you still choose to play a team game?”  Ai Qing looked at Dt.
Dt was sitting there with his hands inside his pants pockets.  He was a little distracted until Ai Qing walked over.  He then shifted his attention to her.  “Should be.”
“Which one?  Heroes of the Storm or Secret Room Storm?”
“Secret Room Storm.”  He told her very earnestly.
“Secret Room?”  Ai Qing was shocked.  But after she thought about it carefully, she felt that it was a good pick.  “Many people are watching this game.  After all it has a good reputation and a good balance.  But it is not from Blizzard.  The whole platform and professional competitions are not under the spotlight like Blizzard.”  Grunt, sitting by the side, laughed out and casually interrupted them, “It doesn’t matter.  A game with lots of expert players will never be short of attention.”
Grunt then purposely glanced at Solo in the first row afterwards.
Ai Qing was amused.  She moved her eyes back from Grunt and unexpectedly found that Dt was still looking at her attentatively. It seemed that he was still waiting for her to conclude their conversation.
They looked at each other for a few seconds.  She suddenly remember the phone call last night with her sister.
“Is he keeping you in mind for the competition or just you as a person? I’m really not quite sure.”  Her sister made fun of her at that time…...Dt saw her face started to turn red.  Though he did not know the reason, he spoke with very genuine concern, “You’re blushing?”

“Ah?” Ai Qing tried to look away.  She patted her face lightly with the back of her hand. “Is it?  I probably haven’t gotten used to this place…...The exhibition game is going to start.  I’ll go back.”

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