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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 34 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 34 Part 2

Xu Jimo knew what she was up to without hearing an answer.  He shut the
door for her.  “Did you plan to go out just like this?”

Qianxi then realized that she only had a bathrobe on, otherwise she was…...
naked. What was scarier was that he kept his hand held on the doorknob.  
She was cornered inside the narrow space between the door and his body.

This posture…...was very ambiguous……

Xu Jimo bent over, enjoying the sight of her flushed ears as if appreciating
porcelain.  “Now you feel embarrassed?”  She behaved like a female rascal

“I was wrong…...isn’t it enough……”  She hunched in the corner, pouting her
lips to play cute in order to get through it.

But he didn’t buy it and continued, “What did you do wrong?”

“I was wrong about……”  She didn’t even know.  It was probably, “Did I take
advantage of you?”

Xu Jimo laughed at himself.  He really shouldn’t have too much expectation
for her IQ and EQ.

Qianxi widened her big eyes at him:  Why was he laughing at her.  Wasn’t it
because of this?

While she was thinking, he lowered his head and kissed her lips which were
slightly open in her confusion.

She nervously pursed her lips.  Wow, she caught a whiff of something off his lips.

It was the smell of tobacco.

So he went to the balcony to smoke just now.  Was he that angry?

Xu Jimo moved several centimeters further from her, with a slight frown.
 “From now on, tell me directly if anything happens.  We can discuss it together.”

He said,  “Don’t let your imagination run away and come up with such wild ideas.”

Qianxi was still confused.  What wild ideas?  She turned her head sideways and
asked him carefully,  “Are you blaming me because I decided to tell the truth to
my parents?”

Sort of yes, but not exactly actually.

Qianxi saw confirmation in his eyes, but she felt as if she had been wrong again.  
“I just encountered …...a very disgusting man, I got so angry that I wanted to be
frank with them.”  She wanted her parents to know that they couldn’t be trusted.

It wasn’t just their trustworthiness, their overall ability to judge a person was

She just couldn’t tolerate the fact that her parents were satisfied with a playboy,
smelly rascal, moron, psycho, while they were defaming another man to her……

She couldn’t accept it at all.

Though sometimes she felt that Xu Jimo was so stupid, so bad, and so heartless,
but she would be willing to tear the whole planet apart if anybody ever bad mouthed
about him to her.

She absolutely couldn’t stand it at all!

She felt as if she was being misunderstood.  “I won’t mention it from now on
if you don’t like it.”
She knew that it was impossible for her parents to get along well with him.  
She was supposed to pretend that she didn’t care about this or she should
pretend that this matter didn’t exist at all.  As long as she got along well with him,
then it should be alright.

Xu Jimo’s cold expression had softened quite a lot, “What are you worrying about?”

“Uhm?”  She wasn’t even aware that she was worrying about it herself.

“Are you worried that I’m angry or worried that I don’t like you?”

“......”  There was a little in both?

“Neither will happen.”  He said.

Qianxi raised her head, not quite believing what she had heard, “If I tell my
parents and they still do not agree.  Will you walk away from me like last time?”

“No.”  His forehead leaned on hers.  Qianxi felt the touch of his warm breath.  
She looked at him blankly.  Maybe he couldn’t reverse his credibility to her no
matter what he said, but he still really wanted to tell her, “I didn’t know what your
attitude was at the time.”

She still looked blankly at him.  “Do you know…”

“I know now.  Very clearly.”

So he shouldn’t just let her keep running after him all the time.  At the very least,
he should have paved the path for her.  All she had to to do was reach her hands
to him.

Her body carried the fragrance of soft and slight hint of alcohol, which was
seductive in itself.

He couldn’t stop himself from kissing the edge of her ear and moving down to her
neck…… kissing all way down.  “I’ll solve the problem with your parents.  I don’t
need you to make any effort. Don’t ever say silly things about a shotgun marriage.  
You only need to wait.”

Her intelligence had already melted from the kisses.  She was quite confused and
stupefied.  She nodded.  “Uhm……”.

But did she really talk about having a baby so they could have a shotgun wedding?

When did it happen!  She had no clue at all. To say such silly words, she would dig
a hole in the ground and dive into it just from hearing it!

Xu Jimo suddenly chuckled.  His face showed the rarely seen smile dimples because
he was trying hard to hold back laughter.

Qianxi was confused and pushed him.  “What are you laughing at……”

He bit her neck lightly, then left her with a chuckle.  “Nothing.”  He turned around and
walked into the bathroom.

Qianxi was left there alone, still baffled.  She touched her neck.

He touched that spot every time.

He really, really liked this spot very much……

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