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The Most Majestic You - Chapter 32 Part 2

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The Most Majestic You
Chapter 32 Part 2

Out of boredom, Qianxi used the spoon to poke more than ten holes in the cake
as if to dump her anger into it until the cake was destroyed beyond recognition.

Xu Jimo pushed his cake to her and took hers for himself.  “Do you remember at
the hospital in Seattle, I promised you that I would carefully self examine and review
everything later?”

“I was busy at that time and I hadn’t sorted out my feelings, either.  I’m close to a
person, but I don’t know how to take up the responsibility.  That’s why I needed to
do some soul searching.”  He spoke very calmly and very sincerely.

Her spoon froze in the air.  She was hesitating over whether she wanted to poke the
new cake.

Xu Jimo continued in low voice,  “She has very harsh parents and she has a dream
of going abroad to study.  But I not only don’t meet her family’s expectation, I can’t
even accompany her who will leave home for four or five years.”

“So until last night, I haven’t thought through how to tell her.”  He finished and acted
as if nothing was on his mind.  He scooped up a spoonful of cake, which looked like a
beehive now and put into his mouth.

Qianxi bit her lower lip.  She poked the cake again several times subconsciously.  
“Then now, have you thought it through……”

“Not yet.”

She felt disappointed.  But she felt the disappointment was logical and reasonable.

Actually, she had never thought about it herself.  If they really got together, how were
they going to face the forthcoming separation of more than ten thousand kilometers.  
They had given each other four months to cool down, but had yet to find a solution.

Would she give up again, once more again, the admission offer that she was sure she
would have in exchange for him?

Even she wasn’t sure herself.

“But Ye Qianxi is someone who I can’t reject.”  He said, “I tried many times, but I just can’t.”

He already ate half of the beehive cake during the time they were in silence. He asked,  
“Do you feel better now?”

“Alright, alright……”  Qianxi quickly took away his cake  “Hey, don’t you actually eat it.”

She seemed very unhappy and muttered, “It makes me feel like I’m bullying you this way…...
I’m actually so nice to you.  I don’t want to leave a black mark on our history.”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it does.”  She said with certainty,  “Then I can use this to block your mouth if
we quarrel in the future.  I can say ‘You see, you always bully me since we knew each
other until now, but I never left you.’.  Then you’ll have nothing to say!”

Xu Jimo listened to her speak without stopping, planning for a “future quarrel”.  He could
hardly stifle his laughter, “No need to be so troublesome.  You can use the way you’re best
at to block my words.”

Qianxi was confused and blinked her eyes, “What’s that……”

From his smile which hadn’t disappeared, she had smelled a familiar smell of alcohol.  
She started to remember in the neon smoke and mist inside the bar last night, the people
danced like demons and monsters and the taste of his lips.

What the hell…...she simply couldn’t help kissing him only twice.  How was that what she
was best at……

Qianxi was embarrassed by her various misdeeds.  Her current thought was to simply break
the window and jump out.  The bizarre silence fermented each of their own thoughts.  Both
of them started to feel restless with anxiety.

Luckily the loudspeaker began broadcasting a boarding announcement which rescued
her in time.

Xu Jimo smiled and looked at her,  “I still have some work here to finish off.  I’ll go back a
couple of days later.”

Qianxi nodded.  She carried her bag and walked towards security check.  “Then…...I’m
going now?”

“Uhm.”  He followed her slowly and escorted her to the security check entrance.  He
gestured to talk on the phone.  “Remember to call me when you arrive.”

She acted pretentious on purpose and raised her head high,  “I’ll see if I remember it.”

It’s another international flight of more than ten hours.  She was tossing and turning over
and over on the airplane.  Her mind was haunted by his visage.  Finally, she just got up
and put on earphones to watch the video of the Frankfurt Tournament competition which
she had downloaded earlier.

Even though she could only see the character he was controlling moving around on the
screen, she still felt as if she was watching him.

When she reaching the moment KG won, she almost shouted a cheer in the airplane.

She didn’t feel tired at all after she landed.  She couldn’t wait to call him while waiting in
front of the luggage carousel.  However, as she excitedly dialed his number, then she
dialed again…...nobody answered.

Until she went back home and fell asleep, he then finally called back.

Qianxi answered the phone in a daze, “Are you nice to me only when I’m at the other side
of the ocean?  You become a cold devil again after I come home.”

“Don’t imagine things.”

“It’s hard not to think that way with you.”

He could only ask,  “Don’t I have any strong points to let you miss me nicely?”

Qianxi answered smoothly without a hitch,  “I don’t know.  I think you don’t have a single
strong point, but you just make me really miss you.”

He was always caught off guard whenever she confessed.

Xu Jimo’s frowning eyebrows suddenly melted.

Qianxi said coldly,  “Don’t you have anything to say to me?  If not, then I’m hanging it up.  
It’s very expensive for international calls.”

“When did you start to care about money?”

She pursed up her mouth,  “I spent too much money on you and in return all I got was a
lot of heart pain.  So I decided not to spend money on you.”

He was speechless for a long while.  Qianxi snorted coldly and simply hung up the phone.

Annoying man!  She remembered the promise to call him as soon as she got off the plane,
but then he just wasn’t being serious.  He didn’t even remember after he said it!  Why did
she like a man like this…....

She scratched hair irritably, but she couldn’t help picking up her cell phone again
shortly after.

She found there was a message about a prepaid phone bill.

Somebody added an amazing amount of money to her prepaid phone bill and there was a
WeChat message: [I’ll come back as soon as possible.]

Attached was a pink, kissing alpaca.

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