Saturday, December 10, 2016

God's Left Hand - Book 1: Chapter 29

“This kid’s not bad.”  Xiaomi walked over as well.  “It’s hard to meet someone who dares to look down upon Solo.  Cocky All, he doesn’t think you’re good enough for him.”
“I'm doing him a favor.”  All deeply felt the blow to his pride.  “We were playing with a keyboard and mouse when he had just begun writing his ABCs.  Starcraft II’s only been out for a year, most top players are still waiting to see how the scene will change and haven’t switched events yet.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have a chance.”
Xiaomi shrugged.  “It’s true.  He hasn’t played any match abroad and doesn’t know how strong the Western teams are, especially the Scandinavians.”

The three commentators on the stage all laughed.  Soon, one of them took over the microphone and announced,  “I guarantee, today’s match will be the most worthwhile one in this half year.  Everyone, don’t take a sip of water, don’t leave the arena; it will be an absolute loss if you miss just one second of it.”

His words and the challenge caused everyone to focus their attention upon these two camps.
On one side, it’s the god-like Solo and members of his old famous CS team.
On the other side, it’s the king of newcomers who had grown with a lightning speed, Grunt and…...his two unknown friends.
Ai Qing felt the scene was quite the peculiar one.
Her almost identical twin sister, having a short hairstyle similar to hers when she first became an esports player, sitting among two rising new stars…...and herself was among her bygone team.
“Gou Gou, if I don’t look closely, it’s really hard to tell you and your sister apart.”  All also discovered the interesting scene at hand.  “If you weren’t here today, I’d definitely think you had betrayed us……”
While All was talking, Dt suddenly raised his head and showed his whole face.

“That kid……” Xiaomi couldn’t remember who he was. “Looks very familiar.”
“‘God’s Left Hand’ of the DotA world.”  All continued to talk.  He was like this every time he was in a competition, after all these years he hadn’t changed a bit.  “You haven’t paid attention to Gou Gou at all.  When she switched to DotA, she almost took the WCG Chinese championship only to be stopped by this damn kid.”

Ai Qing kept quiet and turned around to sit down.
Solo didn’t go to the competition area but sat down next to her.  The two of them sat shoulder to shoulder, she sat to the right, he to the left, as always.
The sponsor was making a speech on stage, saying something about supporting esports, supporting sports for teenagers……
Ai Qing was bored and bowed her head to read the list of players until she saw his name.
Wang Hao/Solo
A very ordinary Chinese name, a lot of people had the same name and there was nothing special about it.

She had met three of four Wang Haos in her life, but there was only one Solo.

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