Saturday, July 30, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 16

In the end, Ai Qing didn’t make it to Slide’s match and instead brought the two handsome guys to meet Dt.
Perhaps it was because they trained late into the night, when Ai Qing knocked on his door, Dt was still half-asleep.  His hair was dishevelled and clung to his forehead.  After looking at them for a few seconds, he finally noticed the two Scandinavians and greeted them with a simple “hi.”

After a brief introduction and a few words, the three of them were already on friendly terms.  Competitive gamers all have similar temperaments.  Others see them as proud or withdrawn individuals, but if you got to know them, you’d find that they were basically all kids who refused to grow up.  Dt took out coke from the refrigerator for the two guests and they quickly began talking about CS.
Because Dt was younger and Asian, he wasn’t nearly as tall as the two twenty-some years old men.
But when he stood with them, he didn’t appear out of place.

The only thing that Ai Qing didn’t expect was that Dt could speak English fluently as if it was his native language and just like the Swedish and the Norwegian, he spoke with a Scandinavian accent.  In the past, when she watched interviews of the top players of the CS Scandinavian teams, she enjoyed listening to them speak.  Their style of clothing and facial expressions always seemed cold, but when they spoke, they would always end their sentences with a rising inflection, which she thought was the cutest thing in the world.
Right now, she was watching it live.

Ai Qing sat on the couch and watched the three as they spoke under the sun on the balcony.  The handsome Norwegian guy suddenly turned back to look at her for a second —— “Frigg.”

The term sounded very familiar, but  Ai Qing couldn’t put her finger on it.  Dt seemed to smile as he hesitantly nodded in agreement.

“2v2.”  The handsome Norwegian suddenly became excited as he walked back into the room and began taking out his computer from his backpack.  “Do you have any interest in a friendly match?”
“CS? DotA?”
“CS,” the handsome Norwegian grinned, “I’m not that great at DotA.”
Ai Qing wouldn’t have given up a chance to play with some of the best CS players, especially after she saw Solo and Dt beat those three Korean players.  She very much wanted to have a taste of it herself.
Ai Qing agreed immediately on the spot and went to retrieve her laptop from her room.

They drew lots and Ai Qing found herself as Dt’s opponent once again.
The cool Swedish guy was paired with the quiet Dt and the Norwegian became her teammate.

Before they had placed their headphones one, the Swedish player suggested that since it was a competition match, there should be a punishment for the losing side.  The Norwegian immediately agreed with a chuckle and pointed at a plate of fruit.  The losers would have to eat the entire plate.
The Swedish player disagreed and countered: “No, push-ups, 200.”
After he spoke, he added that the losers couldn’t turn on the air conditioning for their punishment……

And no air conditioning?  Ai Qing worrisomely looked at the her Norwegian teammate.

He gave a hearty chuckle and replied with a V sign.  He rolled up his sleeves and put on his headphones.

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