Saturday, June 4, 2016

God's Left Hand - Prelude: Chapter 8

Ok so I think I might start posting these Friday night if I can't figure out why this scheduled post doesn't work. I also need to really fix my sleep schedule and wake up earlier than 11. Enjoy today's chapter!

So a game fought by heavyweights was played at the night before the official tournament started.
Solo lived in the village, too.  With the courtesy of the organizer, his room was larger than the contestants’ and came with a living room.  When those Korean gamers arrived at his room, they used English to greet each other warmly.  When Solo introduced Dt to them, they seemed to have heard his name before. They carried conversations in low voices for quite a while.
Ai Qing was somewhat surprised.

When they were all busy preparing their computers, Ai Qing asked Slide quietly, “do you understand Korean?”  Slide shook his head smilingly.  “Can’t even deal with English, not to mention Korean.”  Ai Qing gave it a thought, asked again, “this Dt, has he played other events before?”
“Don’t know.” Slide shook his head. “He shouldn’t have.  Based on his age, he should have just started competing.”
Ai Qing didn’t ask any more.  She sat on the sofa on one side of the room and watched those 5 chat away happily.  Sometimes, they would use broken Chinese mixed with English to chat with Solo.  Korea and China are the two strongest countries in the Warcraft III.  Many top players from both countries are good friends.  This is probably the so-called like-minds cherish each other.

“How is it?” Solo looked at Dt.
Dt made an ok gesture.
Mian Bao couldn’t contain himself any longer; he sighed lightly, “God, can I take a picture?  These are all idols.”
She was amused by it and looked over.  “Work harder.  Then you’ll be the one in the pictures in the future.”

“Talent isn’t something you can force.”  Mian Bao pushed up his glasses, admiringly looked over to the not so far away gamers.  “I feel that our captain is very promising.  When he reach his professional peak around 18, 19 years old, he’ll definitely sweep all over the 5 continents.”
“......isn’t it 7 continents?”
“......” Mian Bao thought carefully.  “It seems ……”

While the two were talking, the players were all ready.
Before they started the game, Solo suddenly chuckled.  He sighed, in English, in a low voice, “What’s going on today?  Everyone plays Human.”
Immediately, one of the Koreans laughed and followed by, “there’s one exception.  Your teammate is random.”

Ai Qing watched Dt surprisingly.  In Warcraft III, there are four different races, each player usually plays their favorite.
Even though this is not Dt’s event, it takes unusual courage to choose random when facing the four top ranking gamers in the world.
“Random is quite normal.”  That die-hard fan of Solo proudly murmured.  “Our captain always chooses random, no matter what game……”
Ai Qing and Slide looked at each other, suddenly had the feeling that tonight’s “just for fun” would turn out to be quite spectacular.

She unconsciously looked up and down at Dt.  Dt seemed to sense something, raised his head suddenly and glanced over in the direction of the sofa.  With this tiny change of position, the other players felt kind of strange and, following him, turned to look toward this direction.

The people who sat on the sofa were all confused.  They didn’t know what all these idols, suddenly turning towards their way, were looking at.


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